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so each time u need to change the airtag battery u need to dig it out? :thinking:

Considering it lasts for about a year or more. I am not that worried. Tell me one diy build that hasn’t been opened in a year.

And digging it out is ripping it out of silicone. Crack the case. Print new one. So it’s really not that big of a deal.


as long as u have an easy solution :+1:t2: BOTY let’s gooooo

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I have lots of them

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y’all think I should start Ronald Jones or AB @ flex?

I ride the Green One the most, and it hasn’t been opened since early May 2020 and I rode it almost every day this week and am about to leave in a bit for a ride on it.

It just depends on who made it, what it was made for (tool or toy?), how much experience they have repairing skates, and what the design goals are.


It hasn’t arrived yet. Pls don’t derail.


Its a freesk8 osrr beta model, currently unavailable for purchase unfortunately :sleepy:

You can read about it here FreeSK8 Remote (OSRR 1.0) Updates - FreeSK8 - FreeSK8


Thanks for the link.

Love the innovation in esk8, will have to donate to the Patreon.

Hmm, if only there was a simple three syllable word to communicate this idea…




Thats the one :joy: Luv u andwu

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send a screenshot

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I can’t go back in time wtf are you on m8?

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mate, use your brain for once.

i replied to you before your “~1month ago” text was there.

Go open a new topic now and select the correct categories THEN make a screenshot.


I am using my brain, you’re the one being unclear.

and maybe don’t be so hasty on the keyb and let people finish their thoughts.

is spelled “keeb”

Thanks, I’m leaving again

sending a message after you’re done typing helps…

i think this is pretty clear.

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“the clear part of my messages were clear, but I won’t talk about the unclear parts”


and you wonder why others takes a piss on you.