Psychotiller Interview: Dave Dirickson Tells All

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In our latest interview, we grab Dave Dirickson of Psychotiller Electrical Longboard Supply by the beard and make him answer our very important questions.

First we get his origin story along with the origin story of his name. Then we discuss far more important things, like what he did before esk8, as if that matters, and what part of him he would like to be detachable if he could in fact have any part of him be detachable, which is very important.

TL;DR: Dave prefers split PPM over CAN Bus in 4WD rigs because unless you’ve burned up nine VESCs in a single hour you can sit down, shut up, and watch him eat things he finds in his beard.


look at those batteries in the background :joy:. now I gotta watch!

I’m 9 min. In and I’m awlready hooked on the interview!

Edit: I finished not to long ago! Great job damon!


ROFL, I getting that on my business cards :grinning:


That was a fun watch, but dear god somebody get dave a better webcam.

Also i wanna come work for a day @Psychotiller lol


I feel objectified.


Dave needs to throw some dollar bills at ya!


Hell yeah, nice interview!

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I’m in about 40mins, fun interview & it doesn’t feel long, good one


Well as a robot, and seeing this many toys in this Pic, maybe he sees you also as a toy, which is a way of being objectified :tongue:

More seriously where do you guys find time to build this many boards I’m blown lol


loving this! … could you make this a regular LHB and Psychotiller show? :smile:


something i want to do is have a returning guest who is not the primary interviewee show up and be a delightful distraction. But that kind of thing is more geared toward live studio shows, not hangout interviews.

I could get creative and have the hangouts guest displayed on screens mounted to manequin bodies so that the monitor is their face.

Also it looks like hangouts live, which is how i record these, is going away in favor of something google is calling meetings. I don’t know if they’ll work the same way. Recording skype calls is terrible, sending hardware out to people is a serious bottleneck and expensive, so there may be a need for buying some kind of task-specific software or service to continue doing this at some point.


Just got back from work. Getting on youtube now

Check out I don’t know if it works for this specific application, but I use it all the time at work.


Very disappointed in that interview. No moms were swapped :thinking:


Once again great interview. But like @Skunk said what the fuck is up with Dave still using webcam from 1994


The webcams probably fine, he’s likely just in the same situation I am in and can only get junk 3 megabit DSL where he lives :grinning:

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But he isn’t living on the riverbanks of deliverance he isn’t far from Laguna Beach and Irvine. Although there is the big wildlife preserve other the other side.


@psychotiller didn’t have a web cam at all until he realized that one of his old laptops had one. He doesn’t use them for anything. I didn’t either until i started doing this.

Also the reason the image improved on my end is because i was simultaneously recording myself from the same angle as the web cam with a go-pro in narrow FOV. way better light handling than the imac’s cam, however the audio is from the hangouts recording because the go-pro was picking weird shit up. I may wear a lav next time under my shirt.