Psychotiller - How to contact psychotiller

Hi guys purchased a battery from Dave a few months ago now it intermittently shuts off. I’m guessing it has a loose spot weld or something. always had positive experience with him before never had any issues with communication before this. I’m sure he’s just busy. I already messaged Dave a few times on the other forum. can’t figure out how to message him here besides making this post. Can anyone please help me get in contact with him so that I can get my battery repaired. Thanks

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You have to sacrifice 3 electric scooters under a full moon, and he will appear.

*bring beer and chicken wings


You dont contact @Psychotiller, @Psychotiller will contact you!!


I thought you needed the blood of a Boosted rider? (They are probably all virgins anyway so it shouldn’t matter who)


Those are potential customers.
Blood of onewheelers on the other hand…


Once they go OneWheel, they never go back?



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Lol taint



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You see his profile pic? That’s a summoning circle. Just draw that on a floor somewhere and start chanting. He will arrive shortly.

I know for a fact, you need a young priest and an old priest to bless the room before that summoning circle is drawn. Make sure the onewheeler whom you get the blood from owns no electric skateboards…only then will he appear


@Psychotiller need an enclosure. Cant find it on your site. can you please help me?
Similar to this one.

The whole point of this thread is that he hasn’t really been online lately so posting here isn’t going to get you the answers you want from him.

Can’t find enclosures in general or can’t find the enclosure that you have?
That doesn’t look like one I recognize of his.


Your best bet is measuring you’re available space and comparing it to the dimensions he’s lists on all his enclosures on his site

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Dude he’s active on Instagram. We talk all the time. Hes been busy so he doenst check the forum much.


I used Facebook messenger, worked real good.

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Hey @Psychotiller Pls help me

I’ve had good luck getting ahold of him via Instagram.
You still having enclosure issues? Or waiting on a order?

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Try his facebook or transform yourself to Thor and transport yourself through the portal and you will find him. :joy::joy: