PSA: Big Red's Boards

He just has to go to the town over, they didn’t have bellemonts at the local corner store.

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Hey sorry I’ve been busy. I mean I can’t really expand on anything that’s already known. The fucker left a lot of people high and dry. I’ve tried getting ahold of him and get nothing. Our “partnership” was more of a, I let him live in my house and do work. But the work I did was usually separate. With your skin that I admittedly fucked up.



If you or someone you know is owed money and/or unreturned gear from Big Red Boards, please PM me here or on Telegram @DerelictRobot

Id like to make sure we have a comprehensive list of what is owed before we take action.


if you are in a bind,just be staright with your customers, you would be surprised how accomidating people can be if you are just straight and honest with them . Just come clean so you are not digging a hole.
My heart goes out to all of the people who losy boards to BRB and Kally. Also to everyone who has to read my typos bad gramer and spelling,sorry .




Jeffro’s Prototipo is at the top of the recovery list.


If things got this bad for @TheRef I wouldn’t be surprised if all this stuff is rotting away in a pawn shop somewhere… unfortunately


Unfortunately, this is the case my 18s proto is probably one of the biggest things he has from what I’ve been told. Backstory about a year, back I wanted to build an 18s proto didn’t have the time to build my battery pack. So, I had Ted build it he was trusted by everyone and I saw he was a stand up guy. I had everything ready for my build the day the battery arrives it’s FAULTY! for some reason it wouldn’t charge he said he has to do something to fix it. I can send it he will cover shipping and he will make it right. Up to that point communication was fine with him no problems at all. w
When mounting my enclosure to the proto an insert popped out. I told him about it and since I was shipping the battery to him already in the enclosure he offered to install the new insert. I was like awesome thanks dude! So, I ship the deck and enclosure with the battery to him. Once, he got it things started going to shit! Almost, immediately the communication got spotty he explained he’s moving and going thru shit I was understanding. Until eventually he blocked my phone number and stopped responding to any means of my communication to him. I told him dude if you don’t have money to ship it back or if you didn’t do the work that’s fine I’ll pay for shipping and throw you some money ontop for your time. Aslong! as I get my proto back just an fyi that proto means a lot to me since it’s the last deck that the legend in my book @Sender fritted and did before he retired from doing decks. Last communication was January 29th,2023! Fingers Crossed​:crossed_fingers: We can recover my proto if not I’ll probably have to take the L and I REALLY!! don’t want to :confused::man_shrugging:


This makes me so much more angry than it should! I didnt loose anything but, im pissed,THIS SUCKS!!!


Send pics of the deck just in case it’s popped up on any for sale sites :grimacing:


Some pics of the proto I lost from when i had it :confused:


WOW! That’s over the top. Hurt my dog, my family, or my board and I could find myself on a cross-country man-hunt. You clearly put a lot of time and energy into personalizing and optimizing that ride.
That sucks beyond imagination. I feel for you @hoytkid. :frowning_face:


Yea I only blame myself for trusting this dude with my board messes up the whole esk8 game for me and now I personally suffer from trusting esk8 vendors now which sucks and I wish wasn’t the case :confused:


looking forward to seeing the “i got my board back post” good luck


Thanks man I’m hoping I have to post that post also :pray::fist_right::fist_left:


You should consider suing him in small claims court. He is literally stealing your personal property, on top of keeping money you paid him for work he didn’t complete. I’m not a litigious person, but Ted is clearly fucking you over pretty solidly here. I hope you get the proto back whatever course you decide to take.


isay we park big yellow on his lawn with the words shame on the roof . But im full of bad ideas .


Going to give it until next week to keep trying to make contact with him.

At that point I think we’re going to take a road trip and just start knocking on his door.

If that fails, before I leave I’ll be contacting the local DA and handing them the list of people he’s defrauded + what he owes, and let them handle it.

Based on the PMs I’ve received, there’s enough money and gear stolen + full documentation of it, that this will be open & shut. The situation is much worse than this thread alone conveys, this was blatant theft & fraud of over half a dozen people.


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