PSA: Big Red's Boards

Can’t believe nobody has really made a public outcry yet but it’s come to my attention that @TheRef at Big Red’s Boards is being somewhat of a shitcunt.

It’s not nice to have to write this, because at one point I believed Ted to be a reputable vendor and I have recommended and vouched for him many times.

I’m not going to name names or outline details, i’ll let people bring their shit forward if they want to, but I’ve seen enough to be convinced that this PSA is warranted.

Don’t send money or gear to Ted unless you’re happy to lose it.


I’ve got 2 decks I sent to get work done last spring got them back for carve 22. Sent them back in November due to QC issues with the work.

I’ve had previous work done with Ted and his been stand up. I’ve accepted that it’s ok if I don’t get stuff back based on outside of esk8 talks with him.

Rough patch for him this past year. But not everyone is as understanding as I


I personally feel this would be an unacceptable outcome.

You sent him decks + cash for the job and have received nothing in return.

Anything short of both decks being returned + a refund for not completing the work is a pretty garbage outcome from a community vendor imo.

@TheRef please take care of this


If somebody has personal issues that inhibit them from working, the least they can do is to let you know that the shit is on pause.

From the stories I have seen, he’s just been ghosting peeps.

Ghosting is 100% not on, and if you choose to do it, you open yourself up to speculation and discourse like what we have right here.


It’s not that hard to:

1: Communicate with people in 2023. Telegram/Whatsapp/text/Facebook/the forum. No excuses.

2: Return boards/parts/money if you can’t do the work.

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YES. And outline a plan of action of some sort.


Yeah I’m excluded. His responded to me whenever I’ve checked. But that’s me checking in vs him reaching out.


Yeah i still think its unreasonable for there to be zero progress on your shit after so long.

I totally understand personal dilemmas, but once it spills into the business, that’s no bueno.


@TheRef where the boards at foo???



I think it is also important to keep in mind that some people may be understanding, but may be unable to afford having to buy extra decks or other parts while waiting on him to finish on the ones they sent for work. Hell, they might have even sent in a deck for their back up build and in the time it has taken for the work their main build was damaged in some way and now they’re stuck without transportation. for those of us who don’t own cars

There is a clear financial limit on how understanding/chill about things people can be.

Not trying to call you out or anything like that though just to be clear. I just wanted to add some cases that people might not think about when it comes to talking about delays like this from vendors.


Nope I hear ya on it. I’ve told him to just not worry about my stuff for whatever his been behind on. For one battery I think it was like a few monthes cause I told him he could slow roll it for other folks stuff.


at one point he was solid , sad to see issues getting in the way, life is hard, dont bring others down with you,easy to say, hard to do. I hope he turns things around.

I also think its not ok for members to loose money or stuff, as much as its like kicking him when he is down if you have an issue that looks to be a trend, alerting the community while initialy “hurtfull to the person struggling”,it may hel keep them from digging a deeper hole. Sometimes i will be spiraling the bowl and either not know or be in denial, A wake up call can be helpfull.


well said queen :pensive::pray:t6:

Damn, I wish I had seen this post sooner. This is the board I had custom made by Ted and Chris from BRB as It arrived out of the box:

Absolute garbage work, especially considering this cost over $5k when all was said and done. I received this november 8th 2022. I started the commissioning process June 4th of 2022. It took almost 6 months to get my board and that was only after two months of harassing him to just send me the parts because he wasn’t communicating at all about where the build was at.

Throughout the entire process, Ted was combative and hostile. I’m basically a fucking moron for following through with the dude.

To my knowledge, last i heard Ted dissolved BRB and moved to MOAB and decided to get out of the Eskate vendor biz altogether.


So i’m about to set up a livestream to discuss my entire experience with ted and BRB from start to finish. It’s a bit of a long winded story, but i plan to include the testimonials in here and in the BRB going live thread that seems to be running parallel to this one.


Would def love to hear more from others if there’s more that needs to be known. I’ll be refreshing this thread to see what anyone else has to say. I have heard from a reliable source that we may be hearing from teds old partner from BRB at some point soon, possibly tonight.

alright, the stream has started, but i’m just giving it a second

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I think he started Guilty As Charged with @cfelzien before this happened.

Cris, I think it’s time a road trip was planned to recover the various people’s boards he disappeared with.


to my knowledge, that never came to fruition due to ted losing his shit right around the time i got my board. They were working on branding and such right before i got the final text from ted talking about leaving Colorado and starting a machine shop or something. Ted also made a post on his FB about closing this chapter of his life and stepping away from chris and BRB

Is no one going to comment on the fact that BRB also means be right back? I.e. what your dad says when he’s going to get milk and a pack of fags and never comes back?