Prototype DT Slalocybin Motor Mounts

This is my second iteration of my Don’t Trip Slalocybin motor mounts. First prototype was hard mounted to the deck and killed all rear steering. While good in theory (like a car!) it was meh in practice. Here is my second set of motor mounts out of PLA. It’s also meh/janky but as a proof of concept, it holds and allows me to run some crazy split angles for that wonderful pumping action. Next up is refining the parts for loads/stressors as well as optimizing for the cnc gods. Hope you like it!


Pulleys on the outside.
That’s an interesting way to keep an arrow setup.
The hardware for the pulleys being on the inside like that would drive me crazy though


@erroct if your wheel pulley bolts back out they will catch on your motor mount clamp and your wheel could lock up…it may cause a crash is you’re not careful

Edit: also you want the force from the motor to be directed straight to the clamp, in it’s current state it will induce a large moment they could snap at the joint between the prints


I like it man!

question: I notice DT trucks sells spherical bearings… are these optional? what are your thoughts/feelings on riding with spherical bearings in there?

Also, this looks so unorthodox :ok_hand: … I’d like to see some pulleys with integrated bearings on this setup… belt skipping sucks.


Eh it’s my only pair of esk8 wheels. Never plan to take em off and if I have to ill just take the wheel off

Ok noted for the next iteration

@Skatardude10 It depends on which set of cybins you get. I have the spherical bearings, they reduce slop in theory. I’ve noticed a difference in pumping from my non esk8 days but I didn’t control that one variable :confused:

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But just what is the use of this setup

What are you gaining from it??

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