Problems with unity setup

I just finished assembling my board and programming the unity.
I am having a problem where the motors speed up exponentially until they hit top speed (see video) and it seems like the breaks are all or nothing. Does anyone know what I am doing wrong?
Here is the video and my current settings.

What remote are you using¿

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This one.

I have heard of some malfunctions with that remote

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Just tried it with a different remote and had the same results.

There should be an easier way to link your video without having to have users “request access” methinks.

Once I get to see it I’ll try and offer some advice haha.

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I had link share on, strange. Let me try to fix it real quick.

This should work now.

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Have you tried getting in your board and testing how it feels? That will be the best way to test your setting. Obviously make sure you are ready for acceleration and also have safety gear on just in case.

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Did you do a remote calibration?

Have you tried it under load? It’s hard to judge things if the wheels are just freewheeling.

Also how did you come to these battery and motor settings? They are quite unusual. I would expect these breaks to be quite weak. Also your battery current is far higher than you will need for those motor currents.


I am mostly worried about the breaks. When I spin the wheels with my hand and slowly push the break, they suddenly come on with full force at half way.

Just watched your video, that behaviour like pretty standard to me.

When you push the remote forward your applying power to the motor. With no load that power will just increase motor speed until you reach top speed.

Same with breaks, without load the breaks will stop the wheels very quick, this should be different under load


I did the remote calibration. The max motor settings are based off of the racerstar motors (im running the evlove gold motors currently).
I just took a guess on the motor break current.

The throttle behavior just seems strange to me. I am used to the evolve r2 remote. Where if you press the throttle in half way, the motors spin at 50% speed. Is that not how the unity works?

I think for a beginner half or 2/3 the motor current is a good starting point for break current. Maybe 30A motor, 20A break Would be a good point to start.

If your unsure and want to be safe then just set motor currents low to start with. Set them to 15A motor 10A break then go for a ride and test it out to get a feel for the remote. The benefit of the unity is how easy it is to try these things out and make changes on the fly.


The R2 throttle is quite spongy and that bench wheel remote is quite honestly shit so it’s going to be a much different ride feel, like others have said take it around the block a few times to see how things handle at low speed then tweak from there.

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I think this is how Duty Cycle mode works. But the default for vesc is Current, which behaves more like a car gas pedal. It’s actually quite natural to ride, but does look like all or nothing when not loaded. Try standing on it – onset should be gradual.


:point_up: I agree. This is normal behavior without load. Once you ride the board and put load on it the board will act different.


I just took it for a ride and it works perfectly, now I feel like a idiot. :frowning:
It is just so strange how different the 2 function, just like how @deucesdown said.

The remote is a different story. The bench remote is a flaming pile of shit. I will definitely be ordering the vx2 pro when it becomes available.
Thanks so much for your guises help!

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I know 2 people shit on this remote in this thread, but those 2 times are the only 2 times I’ve heard anything bad about the benchwheel remote!

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