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Problem with Slick Revolution/iWonder Cloud Wheels (SERIOUS)

do you have that e-mail ? I fail to find it …

If anyone have some wheels to throw away, I am interested if anyone could do a tear down.
I always wondered what kind of foam there is inside the wheels. How squishy is it🤔.


Better pictures:

Both sides of the worst wheel.


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I sent you a PM. Can you look for it please.

The point of the forum is to link people together to talk so by being hear it’s within the core principles of the forum and as long as your following the forum rules we actively encourage representatives and sellers hear.

As stated earlier you will fined some extremely knowable people from manufacturing experts and engineers.

I was Initially pleased when you asked for a customer to ship the cracked wheel back as I thought it was to investigate the cause of the crack. This showed a high level of commitment to the product quality. To then fined this statement.

We were aware of several issues by this point so is earthier intended to mislead or out right deception closely follows by removed posts and banned accounts from the I wonder Club. this has lead to a wider miss trust in the company currently.

I have seen a statement of new raw material supplier changes to the core design and material used can you provide any more details on this? The more detail the better.

I’m agains the idea of changing to a Kegel core because it will mean your wheels are not compatible with a large portion of you market. This could be looked at as a addition to you line up but a lot of boards are based on the ABEC core and would be a shame if you lost that part of the market. The ABEC core has been susefully used on manny electricity skateboard with bolt on pulls with out this issue so I’m highly sceptical of the core design or bolt on pullys been the sole issue

My suspicions for the issue that has been reported on unused wheels as well is a material issue or manufacturing proses.

This could be
bad ratio of raw materials In a batch
unsuitable material/ratios chosen
Temp issues when manufacturing or cooling
Manufacturing proses used
Damaged moulds or short cuts factory workers are adopting


Have a good day.
Thanks for the information, I have been investigating all aspects of the product with our engineering department for the past two days.I am also very anxious about this problem.
We also very much hope to find the cause and solve the problem as soon as possible
Please wait patiently. If any follow-up cloudwheel user finds a problem, they can contact us through our email (
We will not give up using ABEC core.
The above remarks only represent my personal position!
Best regards
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Can I also add your impact test only bashes the middle of the core in use stones hit the edges of the wheel and twist the core applying a different force thro the core witch could be worth investigating.

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@Hide If you need help for testing this wheel you can contact me. I am also in China.


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aww cmon theres nothing inherently wrong with abec cores, it might not be optimal, but its holding up great in other wheels


Wait till you encounter one that just doesnt fit your pulleys… there are a lot out there.


isnt that only really a problem with budget / or ripoff wheels ?
i only used genuine abecs in various sizes and they all worked flawless - also never seen a cracked core on them

that being said i moved on to kegel also with the tb wheels, last set of abecs sitting in a corner shamefully


Which brings me to the iwonder point… since it is not a genuine abec core, the problem now is not fit and finish, but structural integrity and material stability. I can safely assume this wont happen with the kegel design using whatever material they are using. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different outcome - literally flogging a dead horse here


I wonder why a reversed Kegel core pully was designed OH YES, KEGEL COPPYS

Aluminium has a stronger strucal rating than steel because it can flex when steel equivalent shiers. Rigidity is not proportionate to durability in engineering it is often the opposite

Kegel core is not supper it’s different has different advantages and disadvantages iv seen more broken Kegel pullys than ABEC. Iv seen more broken Kegel pullys than broken I wonder cores. Your points are unfounded and with out merit or fact.


Aluminium stronger than steel? Though irrelevant to this conversation , that’s the first time i have heard of this… lighter yes, but stronger? Is this why aluminium bike frames have to be so fat and steel can remain slender and thin?

Back to the topic, my kegel pulleys have the full 10 spoke design and is done in some strong plastic polymer material. Broken kegel pulleys you refer to are most probably the 5 spoke design which should probably explain everything. And maybe you are right these potentially broken pulleys should be in some other material other than steel in terms of the types of forces required to handle

Where are people seeing broken pulleys lol


Shearing and bending are basic forces calculated in engineering all the time aluminium is better at counteracting shearing forses steel better at counteracting bending forces.

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Show me an aluminium frame as thin and minimal as this without all the weird curves and bulges (sorry going way off the rails here)

Iv just provided you with a steel to aluminium scarf tube comparison for maximum force you must be part of this

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