Price check threads?

in most forums that allow users to buy and sell give the option of posting stuff and asking the community for a price (saves people shitting on sales threads due to imaginary prices etc.) I find it odd we never see this in relation to esk8


I read it now multiple times but I still not sure if I got it right :sweat_smile:
So you post a picture of something and people than make an offer how much they would pay?
Something like eBay auction?

no auction just, I have this ‘motor/thing’ whats it worth type posts

i think we could do that in the Buy Sell Trade category as long as the subject started with PRICE CHECK: or somethigng to signify it wasn’t for immediate sale before the user clicks in.

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Like a is this a good deal page. We also need a Freebies page.

I started a sales thread

We could just include that option there, maybe?

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Just to bump this.

I was going to make a post about price checking and searched first. Regulars and new users could probably benefit from a price check thread as there’s a lot of users here with their finger on the pulse of current prices.

On other forums I have used and currently use price checking is very normal and often just ends up in a PM sale for the item once a price has been established. It’s also a way for new or inexperienced users to sell their stuff without getting the dreaded “you’re an idiot” message when they over value their stuff.


I have a set of e-caliber trucks with mounts, motors, wheels and pulleys attached. Loctited on and cable managed. It’s never been ridden and all brand new.

I don’t really know what that’s worth here, even though I’m on the forum every day. I might use it to test the water on price checking.

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if its all brand new and you have labor in it it should be worth parts plus time.

:roll_eyes: what a troll

You literally just described what i do for money outside of my day job. How is my response to that trolling?

My time is not billable, yours is as you’re a “professional builder”. Have you not seen the multitude of people get ripped to shreds here trying to charge for their time? It’s brutal.

Your time is absolutely billable, especially if its all new parts and your work is as good as i suspect it is. Its not up to them to decide what your time is worth.

They can find the cash to pay you what you ask or find themselves fucked.