🚀 Post your board's power stats!

Post your board’s power stats! I’m doing some data collection; all contributions are appreciated!

Here’s what I’m looking for:

  • qty motors (e.g. 1wd, 2wd, or 4wd)
  • motor kv (e.g. 205kv)
  • gear ratio (e.g. 42:17)
  • wheel diameter (e.g. 150mm)
  • battery configuration (e.g. 20s4p p42a)
    Per motor:
  • battery current max
  • motor current max

Subjectively, how would you rate this build’s torque (acceleration) on a 1-10 scale? and follow-up question: how many total miles(or kilometers) have you esk8ed? (im going for order of magnitude percision here, so 100s, 1.000s, 10.000s, 1.000.000s, ect. )

If you’re an overachiever, you could also throw in:

  • when riding, what is your average cruising speed?
  • motor size and brand (e.g. 6384 reacher v5)
  • drivetrain type/brand (e.g. apex jump drives)
  • wheel type (e.g. SRB race slicks)
  • deck info (bindings? significant drop?)
  • esc type
  • any other info about the build

If you have multiple or many builds, feel free to post stats for multiple. The more the better.

If you want to post logs of your hardest rides, go for it, but this is definitely not required.



Only my first build, so not too sure how accurate my rating is.

Basic info

  • 2WD
  • 190kv
  • 14:32
  • 100mm
  • 12s4p P42A
  • Battery max: 40A per side
  • Motor max: 60A per side

I’d say 5/10. It doesn’t feel ridiculous but it can take a good hill.

Other info:

  • Boardnamics 6354
  • Kegel pulley and belt drive (various brands)
  • Boa Constrictor
  • Custom made (by me :grin:) 44", 8ply maple.
  • MakerX DV6 (not pro)
  • Custom 3D printed enclosures
  • Boardnamics 270mm hangars
  • Zealous steel bearings
  • BKB Voyager remote

Hope it helps!

My cruising speed is probably 25-30 km/h, so 15-20 mph?
I’ve only ever done like 3 cycles on my board so maybe 150 km?


Nice thread! Will post my current setups later tonight

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no pressure, but jfyi I just added these questions. Intended to in some way estimate rider skill level.

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There’s some specific people i think it would be cool to get info from. Is it bad forum etiquette to mention ~15 people?


No way, do it. But i’m sure they’d find their way here regardless

  • 2wd
  • 149kv
  • 1:5
  • 200mm
  • 12S8P 48X
  • 50A
  • 120A

Intentionally have a slow ramptime. no ramptime=burnouts so 10/10?

  • 30 km/h
  • 2000-5000km, crazy hard to estimate
  • 6374 sk3
  • Etoxx mini
  • generic 200mm on chinese superstars
  • extra wide big boy Trampa deck with hidden routing(Discontinued)
  • reliable old vesc6s.
  • Diebiems
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Logs / a recording would be far better. My 1st board felt crazy to me at the time, but now I’m running 2x the current and I know that doesn’t even come close to other setups I’ve tried

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I feel like the fact that he said ‘subjectively’ relates to personal experience, so logs can’t really define that


Yeah that’s the point, I would rather see objective data :smiley:

Top acceleration from a log + rider weight to get a big picture of the torque would be awesome


190kv flipsky 6384 (switching to 179kv reacher 7490 soon)
72:15 (switching to 78:15 20mm wide pulleys soon) on BN Precision XL motor mounts with custom dual idlers
200mm kendas, stretched (possibly switching to 165 Xcell)
13S4P P42A from an ownboard Zeus Pro
Batt current 50A/side
Motor current 100/side (going to bump to 120/side soon) on a ubox v2 75V

Current configuration with the flipsky motors and 200mm wheels has okay torque. Definitely a noticeable step up from prebuilt boards but not a raceboard by any means. 6/10?


the point of this question is to get an answer to the question “how torquey does it feel” as you might get it if you asked in the beginner question thread. I ask a few other questions intended to give an idea of the riders experience. Id rather get this plus the theoretical capability of the build (through the stats) than get less responses because people don’t want to dig through their files for logs.

Essentially, the point of this question is actually to get a non-objective answer to the question “how torquey is your board?”, hence the word subjective. I’m trying to determine the relationship between actual torque and the way people experience it.

We’re collecting mostly objective data here. Hard to say how hard people are pushing their hardware without logs but all I really care about right now is the capability of the hardware as far as numbers are concerned.

alrighty then.

There’s some specific people I think it would be cool to get info from: (these are just the first ones that pop into my sleep deprived brain, so if you’re not on this list i still want your specs too!) (also, yes, i realize this is ~1/2 the members on this forum lol) @Tony_Stark @NoWind @DavidC @Arzamenable @Skyart @poastoast @jack.luis @ShutterShock @Fosterqc @b264 @Lee_Wright @BigBen @xsynatic @NullBlox @rafaelinmissouri @Venom121212 @Savage1 @Evwan @bboybowzer @FastBoard @Andy87 Thanks everyone in advance!


Current set up is
2.6 gearing
155mm wheels
18s5p p42a
70amps battery
130amp motor

Build is geared to pull motor amps as I am in the middle of testing my ESCs. A lot of torque even with the high gearing ratio, not as much torque from standstill but once you are at 5-10mph 30 comes very quick!!


i gotchu (old more familiar setup in [])
heavy rounding on the odo conversions just cause there’s a big give or take for unaccounted ride logging

thane [~8000 miles (13000 km) on the odo]

  • 2wd

  • 18s2-4p

  • 190kv 6396?

  • 2.78 ratio BN M1 straight

  • 110mm TB

  • SC100D

  • 96 -96 motor

  • 96 -96 battery

  • i forgot throttle settings

acceleration, i lowkey forgot to give details but i think it’s a good, 8/10. it’s decent but nothing crazy.

mtb [~2200 miles (3000km) on the odo]

  • 4wd

  • 18s2-7p

  • 190kv - BN6355

  • 15:83 jump drive helical [21:82 BN AT straights]

  • 165mm RS

  • bindings

  • SC 100D+, SC100D+/Dx, depending on when you ask cause i blew the D+ up lol

  • 53 -53 [69 -69] motor

  • 53 -53 [69 -69] battery

  • .13 -.13 [.18 -.18] ramp

  • 9 9% [11 11%] throttle ramp

[it had good acceleration, maybe a 7/10. it has great pickup, even better braking, but i can tell it’s compensating for lack of torque with power.]
now has oodles of torque, hence my lower power settings. I hace it to where i feel i get just about the same acceleration feel between old and new. new config is about 2 weeks old, but i can tell the acceleration is lower, a 6.9/10. despite the torque, ya, it doesn’t have the punchiness off the line i expected and i can tell it gets off the line slower than my old config. sorta. it pulls like no one’s business and it even has a difference behavior when i lose traction, not much sliding around anymore, more of a kerchunk, very gRrRrRrRrRrRr. i lowered the ramp time but blew my escs before i could try it out…


fuck you discourse on ios for refusing to upload the new board’s video

2wd - ~8Wh/km (13Wh/mi)
[4wd] - ~18Wh/km (29Wh/mi)
4wd - ~16-17Wh/km (27Wh/mi)
average temps:
40-50°C esc
40-50°C motor, but i stopped using motor temp.

i ride flat grounds of Indiana and hills of SF/Bay Area,
group rides i attend in SF sit around 28mph moving average

side note:
straight cut gears for life you can’t tell me otherwise


you really do seem to be cursed lol. thanks for the info.

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i’m just here to skate fast and eat ass

without the ass cause i can’t get a girl and i don’t wanna get hepatitis


im a little confused here. Is what youre describing as torque the “jolt” at the beginning of acceleration, while “acceleration” is the sustained acceleration (sorry for circular definition)? If you wanted more acceleration, why did you lower the motor current?


also, have you ever tried one of the SRB inrunner setups? if so, how would you describe the feeling of the start of acceleration of one of those compared to what this is like?

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another way to put it is it has way more torque at a given current compared to the old ratio, makes sense, 3.9 to 5.5. but having the same current settings would be quite unridable on 5.5 so i matched the acceleration to how i’m used to having it.

but because of the decreased current it doesn’t accelerate as hard even if it has the same amount of torque when conpared to the old board, ya? like pure definition of acceleration, change in velocity

i guess a way to think about it is imagine if youre on a winch and it’s about to pull you off the ground, on’s a 1:1 ratio abd the other on 3:1

1:1 it’d yank you
3:1 it’ll kinda just lift you like nothing’s changing

idk :joy:

the 5.5:1 is “softer” than the 3.9