[Poll] EU/Global Group Buy Interest

I’ll restart the poll with new options, we’ll do the GB soon.
@Ace the SK3s are there too


If we can get a good GB price on the new Boundmotor model, I’m 100% on board.

@anubis if you are interested in running this one please do

all relevant info is in the thread and i have confirmed the price and evrything with flipsky

Anyone got any ideas for the next one?


Lights? GPS modules?

The new maytech remote looks nice, there was kind of a GB for the US, and the shipping was a bit too high for 1 remote, perhaps we can get a nice price on a GB ?

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hummie decks if you discuss with him
he is open to doing a gb for a really good price
chatted with him before

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Lights, 10-12s chargers

pre-welded battery p groups. I’d pay roughly £16 for just the welds on a 4p 30q. Fogstar has them for £2.02+tax last i bought

pneumatics, spare inner tubes (currently dickyho has better prices than the entire ebay on them. £7-8 vs ~£2.50)

daly bms (i teared a 12s down, it’s 16s with the end p-groups shorted. Might work in any setup) it’s $11 last i checked

Some drop through deck+enclosure that easily fits 12s4p+

Dkp trucks with complete motor mounts


I am already practically the EU distro for hummie decks. We just did a joint order, so I’ll have them coming directly to me from the factory. Its already placed though, otherwise I’d make it a GB

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yeah but you havent had them in stock for quite a bit
also when talking to hummie the prices he offered seemed a little cheaper then yours

Pneumatics maybe. P groups are impossible to ship easily, daly bms there isn’t really a discount so generally you’re better off going direct, lights I have access to shredlights but the MOQ is 1 so there isn’t some insane discount or anything its just b2b.

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I’m not going to be selling them at GB price in my store :sweat_smile: The order is literally already placed. They’re like halfway through production.
Also the price is likely to come down to be closer to the US price, but it will still be a little higher, our import tax is over double theirs and I’m not a charity.


yeah i get you
dont worry the stuff you do is awesome
was just pointing out why a gb could still be up for grabs

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Maker-X ESC’s?


If we did ESCs it would be really easy to make it a global group buy. But I don’t know that there are any good ones out rn. The miniFOC doesn’t run well in FOC, and I don’t know if the sv6 has had its issues sorted.

Theres also maytech and flipsky both of which have had some issues AFAIK

oh no i’ve woken @glyphiks ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


If they have had their foc issues sorted, the sv6 would be awesome. But there hasn’t been any indication that new products would be fixed :expressionless:

Smart BMS could be a sweet GB… flexi maybe?


the SV6 if community approved would be :ok_hand:
(p.s what are the flaws of the V6?)

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You should just offer them in your store though. Waiting months on shipping from China isn’t the best. What you could do a group buy for though, is to ask Daly to make a small form factor 12s BMS. They have a pretty small 10s version, I bet lots of people would love to have that for 12s as well.


I have some on hand, but they were originally going in the store but then I needed them for my own projects :wink:

I can stock them at some point though. I am still missing loads of items, just had to spend $500 on bearings just to hit the MOQ. But they’re oil slicked


What is wrong with the miniFOC? (Besides the need for an extra capacitor).

To me they have been amazing in FOC. 950km and counting :face_with_raised_eyebrow: