Pneumatic Wheel Compendium (Serious)

Maybe Metroboard 8 inch tires? What’s their reputation like?

just clever 8". not great. Kendas generally have the best overall quality. shame yours are wobbly


anywhere besides metro/lacroix I can get clevers? neither takes PayPal… :frowning:

I doubt it’s the rims, but even with perfect tires and rims, the weight of the valve stem can cause noticeable unbalancing.

yeah, actually was just taking a look at that… it isn’t much, but the stems are causing a tiny bit of imbalance… will test it out tomorrow and see if the weights help at all

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I don’t have cleavers but I have some kendas k909 and some 7” SKPs!


Kendas do fit superstars. They had some play on the wheel, to get them centered and snug I ran some electrical tape on the wheel (I think 3 turns)… Then balanced with some weights and they were good up to my top speed of 43mph.

That’s weird… My set is almost perfect.

Are you certain there wasn’t some installation error?

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Not sure what I could’ve done wrong… spacers, bearings all in place. Tubes came inserted into the tires already.

Super weird, I guess you can never know with tires, even though Kendas are supposed to be some of the most balanced ones

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These are the brainchild of @RipTideSports.
The 7.5" slick made for a great ride. VanK 4" spun aluminum wheels. Gearing up for a lateral G testing this weekend. Very very promising.


How much did it run you for a set of four wheels and tires there? Those look incredible, might have to give them a shot haha. I’ve been running the land surf RS tires but these look like they’re on a whole different level.

@RipTideSports ???

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It would be great to see some of this technology trickle down to tires in the regular consumer market!


This is the tire, they have tubes for them also but use the #7129 280/250 X 4 TUBE, not the recommended one on the website. As for a wheel to fit them on, it becomes problematic because Van-K is backordered to the tune of 30,000 units of more popular sizes so they are currently not producing the 4" bead diameter hub halves that I am using.


ah so regular supply situation heed none I guess.

I would run this set up if it was available.

So, Im looking to switch to pneumatics (the state of the roads in Athens gives me no other option). What is the current best budget/quality option for AT wheels+pulleys in EU? And for the bearings I see that most AT hubs use 28mm OD bearings although most standard skate bearings are 22mm. Since my axles are 8mm will it be hard (and expensive) to find bearings to fit?

Imo you can’t go wrong with a set of mbs rockstar ii. They are cost effective, durable, light and have loads of compatible drive stuff.


If you are talking about 8 inch wheels, then budged pneumatics are alexpress road tires - these or similar (quality may vary from seller to seller).

For budget hubs I would guess that MBS Rockstar II bought some local eshop or Evolve hubs. Booth can fit 8 inch tires.

Evolve hubs use standard skateboard bearings 608 I believe. But on MBS wheels you can use 638 which are 28mm OD and 8mm ID. However they are 9mm wide, so they will be sticking out 1mm.

For pulley, Evolve has their own pulley, but I believe that needs specific trucks. But for MBS wheels you can 3D print pulleys, so that’s the most budged option I believe.

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