Please critique my ultralight electric "paragliding skateboard"

This is basically my primary use case, if you look through the boards I’ve built.

One large motor on the rear heelside will be lighter than two motors.

Don’t overdo the battery. If it’s all uphill on the way there, then I’m guessing it’s all downhill on the way back?

Carbon fiber blocks radio. Use fiberglass.

A mountainboard style board will be a shit-ton heavier than a small board with small trucks. I would not go for channel trucks, a mountainboard, or wide trucks.

I exceed this all the time on these small boards.

Take a look at this if weight and portability are primary concerns.

though a lot of those parts are old and much better ones are available now, like the Boardnamics 145mm trucks for example.

… and that’s with a lithium-iron battery. If you use the Molicel P45B you’ll get about twice the range per battery weight. (but it won’t last as long)