Phase wires shorted -

So earlier today I was out for a ride, and it my board is running really nicely. I was doing some laps up and done this hill, and on the way up it stopped. There was a slight burning smell. And I found out that the phase wires seem to have burnt. And then I assume that they may have shorted. Not by touching each other but the carbon fibre. ( Don’t even know if this is possible)

This is what they look like

Here is another photo.

There is now a flashing red light on the vesc when I try to accelerate, and the motor doesn’t move. Nothing happens.

I have plugged the vesc into the computer and have got a DRV fault

I don’t know if these cables were worn down by the rough eddge, or maybe got to hot. I guess I need to order a new vesc now :confused:

Any input or suggestions would be much appreciated. Thanks all

Yeah CF is conductive, get something like plastic or rubber shields for the phase wires next time

These are pretty good

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Looks like you were due a second short soon anyway, this is bare too.

Might not be enough slack in your cabling or your angles are off. Triple wrap for safety and never prenup


I really like this stuff for my wires. Nice and flexible but still durable when shrunk


VESC based escs can be repaired.
Depending on the actual model and damage it may or may not be cost effective.

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I have seen a car catch on fire because the driver installed a purely cosmetic carbon fiber battery cover… carbon fiber is pretty darn conductive.

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I’ll have to look into it. But might be better off getting a flipsky vesc from Alibaba.

That looks great. I’ll make sure to add that next time.

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You’re right, the cables were quite tight. Sorry, what does Prenup mean?

Defo. They look great!

hell yeah, what size fits best for phase wires?


The .40 is perfect for 5.5 bullets, but unfortunately it has to be a length of material per each phase wire. I think the .75 would do nicely if you wanted to keep all the phase wires together in the same sleeve.

The .20 seems like it would be too skinny for even one 5.5 bullet, so if you want to individually wrap the wires before you solder your bullets on… It’s perfect. Otherwise, I would skip it.


I know that the vesc is probably toast. Do you think that the motor is still ok to use?

Would be cheaper probably than a new esc


If it’s busted I nominate @seaborder over Martin.

Martin hasnt been the most consistent person afaik.


Which vesc? (RIP)
@JohnnyMeduse has fixed 3 Focboxes for me, fast and professional. Highly recommend.


It is the hobbyking vesc…

As i was planning to get a flipsky vesc from bangood. I found one on ebay, with much faster shipping for the same price. However, it says V4, but the hardware is V4.12, and is FSVESC rather thanm FSESC. Is this the same thing??

Yea it should be the same thing probably just a typo on the listing, the info in the pictures is correct so I’m sure it’s fine.

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That also looks like the heat shrink is only on each bullet but not on top after you put them together.

Even if it will not touch each other while riding you can non the less produce a short when it’s getting wet in that place.