Penni(s)es: 24 inches of fun | The smallest eskate?

Hey there! Back with a very different build.

It all started when I went on vacation, and both my GF and I wished we had our eskates with us. There was a new bike lane on my hometown, and we could reach a beach we love with it instead of walking like freaking losers. One small problem though…these are our rides:

Can an eskate fit on a motorbike + everything we need to live for at least a week? Well…considering this experiment was indeed feasible, what do we already have so we don’t break the bank with a potential catastrophic failure?

  • A pair of CheapFOCers2 laying around
  • Our usual longboards take a pair of 5S LiPos each that must be charged separately (so they are removable)
  • Shitty old trucks
  • VX1s that can control several receivers with the same remote.

Missing things: decks, a pair or receivers, wheels, pulleys, motors and motor mounts. Taking into account the constraints, this is what we are going for:

  • Small as humanly possible.
  • Powerful enough to tackle the unknown (within reason)
  • Cheap (so try and 3D print as much as possible)

The boards

Back to the question: how small can we go? As it turns out, with the described parts everything barely fits here:

:white_check_mark: Small | :white_check_mark: Cheap | :white_check_mark: Possibly uncontrollable

They arrived surprisingly quickly:

Wood seemed fine, and I’m not worried about durability on such a small board. But as expected, they were poorly finished with what I believe was a single coat of varnish. After a bit of sanding and primer, we gave them to my GF’s nephew (10 years old…incredible kid) to do has he pleased:

I absolutely loved the result!

The drivetrain

At first I thought of getting some 6354 sensored Flipsky motors, but a lucky accident (from another board that I was building for the aforementioned nephew…) got me a pair of Hobbyking SK8 6354 140kv that wouldn’t fit on caliber trucks, so I swapped them. We are absolutely not going to go fast on these things, so 140kv motors on 10S would give us more torque. I considered hubs for size and weight, but I just couldn’t find something that I liked, and I’m way too used to belts to go to a single hub that would probably be terribly underpowered.

For the mounts, I ended up designing my own from several ideas I got from Thingiverse. I did this to save money and reuse a shitty old pair of trucks. For the other one, I got some cheap Caliber 2 clones. The clamps are purpose built for the trucks, while the mounts themselves are universal. These are printed in PETG and are surprisingly sturdy (still won’t recommend them for anything bigger…yet. I wanna try Nylon!):

Motor pulleys are aluminium and wheel pulleys are again printed in PETG. I fix them to the wheels (ABEC clone core) with screws and I’ve always had great results with them even in longboards…only melted one when trying to pull way too much power from a single drive board powered by a SK3 6374.

Once the CheapFOCers were soldered and flashed, this was the test fit (with an older version of the mount):

Finishing touches

I only had one set of the purple 83mm wheels and they were way to hard too be comfortable. Despite some things I’ve read on this forum, I’ve always had great experiences with (Alberto even got me a replacemente OG Focbox from Enertion a few years ago when one of mine blew out of nowhere), so I ordered their wheels (97mm, 73A, less than 100€ for two sets!!). After some griptape (transparent for the missus, black for mine), TPU printed risers + ESC box, and my patent pending no-enclosure-enclosure

The test

The moment of truth. This is all fine, but…do they fit?

Hell to the yeah! In the end my GF carried them both since it was easier to fix them to her bike. After a 500km (310 miles) trip to the northern coast of Spain, she didn’t even notice they were there. And then it was test time:

These things are little beasts! Only managed to thermal throttle the ESC (very hot day, 45/-30 motor amps, 15/40 gearing) on a really (and I mean going up to see a castle) steep hill we full throttled for a while.

They are NOT easy to ride by any means and I wouldn’t recommend going faster than 20km/h (12mph tops), but man, are they fun. They’re certainly capable of going faster, I just don’t think anyone should on such a small board. Once we got the hang of it, cruising along the coastline was incredible, and the tail is certainly useful to compensate for the limited turning radius. They got us to where we wanted to go, they sip on power, and most importantly: they are crazily portable. After the complete success of the experiment I’m seriously considering to upgrade some things (motor mounts mostly), but for the price…I don’t think they can be beat. Until then, cheers!


Very cool! And the artwork is awesome :heart_eyes:


Dammit Mines 27~ guess I gotta throw the 22 inch ancient deck back on my project list…


It’s on. I dare you, good sir!

I’ve got a type.

If we do the opposite of everyone else and keep making them smaller we could end up with an air gear scenario. That’d be cool.
Back on the rail, those are sweet and I wanna ride em. And the artwork, adventure time click click


What’s that deck with the orange stripe and is it as tiny as it looks or are they just really wide trucks on it?

Custom, I sent out sketches and they made me it. Gripped and painted it myself. Widest point is just over 10 inches, front trucks are 12. Its running boosted hardware and as much as I can’t wait to finish out these other decks for variety, I fucking love that one, and I dont know if anything will ever feel as great under my feet. Im working on an updated version to have someone make me eventually.

The first paint job was far better but I messed it up cuz im dumb and said fuck it and went simple, gonna thrash it up anyways.

Just curious, what makes them not easy to ride? Stability? Acceleration / braking? I love the idea of having a small portable board for beach trips and weekend getaways. Great build - thanks for sharing.

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I think the thing that contributes the most to the feeling of instability is the stance. It forces you to keep your feet so close together, it pushes hard and it does not flex at all…but after some getting used to it’s just fine (specially if you keep your back foot as close to the end of the tail as possible).

I also believe I’m kinda spoiled by my longboard, I’ve never even tried a regular analog skateboard :joy:

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With shortboards you gotta pump the front. Like feathering your brakes. If you turn hard the board can flip out from under you. If its electrified, tighten the shit outta the back truck, and use hard af bushings… slightly softer boardside if you’ve got a variety. This stabilizes the back at speed and allows you to turn mostly by pumping with your front foot. I keep my back foot loose, let it move if it moves but I dont push with it. I mount myback truck backwards pretty frequently as well. Front truck, loose, looser boardside than street side, and I run double cones. It takes some getting used to, and practice, and a lot of tuning to match your weight and style, but its the best if you ask me.


Second trip of the summer, featuring details on the kickass covers my MIL sewed to protect the bike seats:

Some improvements required for longer rides on light summer shoes, as the truck screws are unavoidable on such a small board…going to try countersunk and hope they don’t weaken the deck a lot.

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Are you running any risers? Those wheels don’t look to be very large so I doubt it. Idk if you can get any, not sure if theyre sold separately and id never let mine gout, but the deck washers/screws that come with gbomb brackets are amazing. They’re properly spaced hardware, 2 attached bolts with no screw or hex on top at all, just a nice little bar. I never use them for the stuff they came with, but omg, I always need more. The small ones are a PERFECT length for most decks plus a baseplate with a couple threads to spare after the nut. Easy to use and never sink into my deck. Alternatively one could just spot weld their existing hardware onto a nice flat metal strip.

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Whenever I read “The smallest esk8” I think of this thing I made

I don’t recommend


5mm risers, but they’re kind of a must for both wheelbite and because on such a narrow deck it’s so easy to touch the wheels with your foot.

I see what you mean with those screws, but I’ll have to investigate more… everything I’ve found on them online is marketing BS like “Infinity screws”

Let me rephrase: “The smallest practical esk8”

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so smoll

(edit) oh and the bottoms

6355 open cage maytech 190kv with sensors on a focbox and a 9s4p 30q on the dinghy, and what i believe is a 4550 of unknown kv on an older 4.12 vesc and a 9s2p 30q on the Arcboard.


I love the Littles!!!


that’s a spark load on my tail! they’re for scooters or something but i can tail slide and throw sparks. its a blast you should try it.

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how you mounted a bigger battery on that than i use on my mountain board :joy::joy:

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I did put my hand on an integrated deck from Miles and did my sauce