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Patreon Happened

Ok. Well, patreon happened and wtf that was a wild success. Now i can pay for hosting from my THIRD job. Awww yeah.

So i want to thank all of the people that support this forum in some way, and that’s going to take a minute to sort out. However, something i can do now is give my supporters some titles and an immediate level adjustment to Leader. So here’s what i need from you guys to do that: If you registered with the forum using a different email address than you entered at patreon, PM me both of the email addresses. Then i can match them up and verify you’re not just clowning. If you used the same one, do nothing. I’ll find you because they’ll match.

Also i have to think of a title. Maybe one of these:

  • Community Supporter
  • Friend of
  • I help make all this possible
  • VIP Money
  • I love damon
  • I made it rain

Whatever. I’m taking suggestions. After all, you guys are wearing them.

Also, if there is ever a point where there’s more money than bills, i’ll start giving shirts or something out to subscribers.


I doubt we need Leader status(isn’t this a free hand out of mod status?). Just let us be below leader, something custom perhaps? Keeping mods intact etc.

I’ll take a custom flair any time. :smiley:


I’m pretty sure I used the same email.

And I’m going to continue to post the patreon link everywhere I possibly can!

I can’t thank you enough for making this place happen!


I’ll take the I love Damon title haha :grin:


LOL what you don’t want people to pay me so they can unfairly moderate posts and recategorize things and edit anyone whenever they feel like? Maybe i should have read everything they can do first… lol

Immediate graduation to level 3 (regular) seems legit though.


Yup, I was a regular, so regular seems fine. Leader is the exceptional rank. It should be kept that way. Just my opinion.

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That emoji. Nothing else.


I have to agree lol

Maybe we should start a Patreon for @longhairedboy to shave his head. Once it reaches a certain amount, it gets live streamed.


Goddammit you mean all I had to do was pay? All this time I though I had to complete build threads and be super helpful…fuck that


It’s just a simple “rebirth” fee. :laughing: You know, reincarnation in another forum takes some time to do.

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i’m leaning heavily towards “friend of” for people who haven’t already been awarded ridiculous titles by other admin.

I’m probably going to sweep through this list in a couple of hours so weigh in now.


I think he’s talking to me :slight_smile:


i was specifically asked by the very first donator not to change his semi-racist yet lovingly applied title. lol


Bill Murray

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I’ve got a semi right now too

I asked him 1st :slight_smile:


i skate with an italian who calls himself Guido and tells everyone else to call him that too. I’m familiar with the situation. I mean… we’re skaters.


My best friend in college, a black guy about 6-6 used to tell people to call him Spook…and not in a friendly way, like all deep voiced and bowed up :slight_smile:


I think I used the same email