Located in Canada - willing to ship to the US (minus the battery) preferably selling as a package.
All parts are new and unused - I just have other hobbies I’m into!

Carbon fiber deck SOLD
Samsung 30q 10s5p battery SOLD
Surfrodz trucks
190kv maytech 6374x2
Maytech remote
Also have evolve street wheels
Evolve fast charger
Janux motor mounts with crossbars

Since my post was closed and I am not allowed to just take an offer, 1700CAD or 1300 USD for all of it or best offer.
Willing to separate if required but would prefer not.


Is that deck from esk8supply? Or another vendor?


Why not throw it together and rip it?

old cloudwheels rip

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Prices and photos for everything mentioned. PM to re-open once updated. Thanks!

It’s from another vendor, not esk8supply.

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Hello I’m in Montreal, is the remote still available?

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wat city are you in?
im in vancouver,canada

Boundmotor and esk8 supply sell the exact same deck, to my knowledge.

@Fishtaco do you have any details you can share with us about the deck?

We have to buy as a bundle? Wouldn’t that be considered a complete for sale instead of parts for sale?

Well, it’s te[quote=“Jujo, post:19, topic:37383”]

It doesn’t look like a complete, does it? I am willing to part out provided I find buyers for the majority of the items, and I’m not far off actually.

This is in the wrong section
It’s basically an unassembled complete without the esc

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It may or may not be the same deck, but I don’t think it is. It was purchased from a store in Toronto. Would you like measurements or what would you like?

Edit: it’s definitely not the same deck.

I’m in Calgary! However I can definitely ship at buyers expense.

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Mostly just wondering where I can buy it. It looks pretty nice, whats it like it person? My deck from esk8supply was not as nice as I was hoping once I got up close and personal (gaps in the carbon fiber, the layup doesn’t look perfect, the screws for the lid dont have inserts so the threads strip, etc.) Just basic quality notes.

hey are the surfrodz, motor mounts and motors still available?