Paris Cup 2019 - The best of DIY (LONG POST)

At IT’S ELECTRIC event in Paris there were loads of DIY boards. The quality of some builds was amazing and I think the DIY’s dominated the event.

There were loads of builders with interesting board ideas that were trying new stuff or trying to do things differently. These sorts of builds are the most interesting to me but i feel like they often get missed by much of the social media and larger content creators who are interested in promoting the bigger brands and known names. But were here for the DIY right . . .

. . . so i made it my mission to take as many photos of the best of the DIY builds, ideas and hidden gems that i found interesting with the hope that sharing them might be useful for some of you guys.

In no particular order . .

This build was an absolute beast. It is a 4wd and i believe it has enclosed dual stage chain drives for each wheel.

This dual wheel board uses a single chain drive and cant turn by leaning, you must “hop” the front wheel round whilst riding to keep balanced.

Some of the nicest custom grip-tape at the event. Simple but bold and unique. I love it.

I guess sometimes you just need more range right? Lots of boards had some extra added range but this was by far the simplest temporary battery pack that didn’t look like a bomb.

Trampa Red barrels, how soft . . . no idea but i never seen them before. I couldn’t find the owner so i dont know if they are DIY or a development part.

I had never seen a BAJABOARD in person before the event but one thing i liked was the front lights. They have a custom LED pcb that mounted straight to the front truck. I doubt light projection is good but my guess is that they are designed to be easily seen. Its very robust solution that looks slick and tidy.

Mark One Boards were showing off a lot of decks and parts but these trucks caught my eye. They are a channel style truck with an integrated and enclosed dual motor mount. They are a new company but were super keen to develop some good DIY parts. Hopefully they will be joining us in the forum soon :wink:

One of the french riders was working on this loaded board with a 3d printed flex enclosure.

The board also featured the mythical single motor dual wheel drive. The rider said it handled great and that he couldn’t feel any difference during normal riding. Unfortunately a loose screw managed to get into the motor and damage the winding’s during the event so i couldn’t try it myself.

There was also another loaded AT baord with 3d printed enclosure.

This one was using dual hub motors that were designed to be used on scooters. On the street it seemed quite quick and it was incredibly silent.

One of the trampa riders was using this stealth modified maytech remote. Initially i thought that it might be a piece of development equipment used for testing the WAND features or firmware without drawing to much attention but after talking to the trampa guys it seems like this is something different. It has a similar oled and and wireless module to the WAND and im guessing it will use the same software but they are considering selling it as an upgrade kit that can be installed in the case of an old maytech remote. Its a good reminder that rapid prototyping is a great development tool but sometimes taking a knife to an existing part gets the same result for a lot less effort :smile:

Majestic boards were showing off some boards with metal enclosures. I believe these are being either water jet cut or stamped then folded and welded along the seems. The finish was really nice and logos/text was crisp.

This was one of the cleanest DIY boards that i saw all weekend. The bold yellow and black is stunning and my pictures don’t really do it justice.

It had a double stack enclosure and was using a panel mount parallel port style plug for an external balance charger

If your using your board to commute sometimes you just need a portable short board with loads of range.

Overion were showing off their custom boards. The most interesting thing about these is the battery placement. they offer either a single pack or dual pack version. i didn’t get a chance to ride one but i would like to see how this changes the feel of the boards. My best guess would be that having the weight further out would make them heavier to turn and manoeuvre but i don’t know if this is actually true or not.

This racer was one of the only guys at the event with mechanical disk breaks on his board.

The brakes are cable driven and the brake remote was heavily modified to include lights for cave racing. The remote was also clipped to the rider to avoid accidentally dropping the remote whilst riding. It must take some practice have wireless throttle and regen breaks in one hand and cable breaks control in the other.

The number of custom parts was impressive but the one that got the most attention was this unique"spoiler" style drag handle. Yes, that is a full set of bike handlebars bolted on the back.

Trampa were showing off some prototypes of the WAND remotes. The build quality looked great and they have a good weight and feel in the hand. My only concern would be how long it would take me to scratch it (not very looking at the state of my current remote).

There was actually surprisingly little inside and i was impressed that they are actually using a circular git OLED screen. These are not a cheep component to source and it shows that trampa are trying to make the best remote, not the lowest cost remote. Buttons also felt great, i think these must be automotive switches because they had a good click / force profile and felt quality unlike most of the switches that were used to in eskate remotes.

The pcb design is very simple and looks like it will be robust. i couldn’t see a microcontroler unless its hidden under the hot glue so im assuming that they are running the code directly on the NRF modules. The “VESC” design in the vias is a nice touch :+1:

Benjamin Vedder was actually at the event. He spent some time helping people get builds configured properly and trying to sort out some bugs. Its always great to see developers actively engaged with the community and it must have been motivating for him to see the results of the work that hes doing.

Quietly hiding in his little box of dev tools was a VESC BMS. If hes working on a VESC BMS that can be linked to the can bus and controlled by the VESC software this has the potential to make huge safety improvements in many builds. Additionally it could be interesting for trampa prebuilts as currently most of there boards use LiPo packs which need an external balance charger.

@Kaly was at the event with a few XL50’s. I was lucky to catch him making some on-site upgrades to one of his boards and he kindly let me take a few pics. The enclosure is made from 4 pressed aluminium segments, each segment contains its own 12s3p cell pack and BMS.

The BMS for each pack were tiny and fit in the space above the battery terminals of the double stack pack. everything looked well insulated and the wiring in the packs was tidy.

Having multiple BMS’s for smaller cell groups means that each bms manages fewer cells and so can balance cells quicker. Additionally each BMS is charging fewer cells and dealing with less charge current so runs cooler and heat is dissipated more evenly. Furthermore i would guess that in a failure condition having each pack managed individually and in separate aluminium cases means that there is less chance for fire / thermal runaway for continue through the entire board.

Lastly i loved this DIY bike/scooter hybrid. It was brought cheep during a closing down sail then retrofitted with cheep e-Bike hub motor and controller from china. electronics were hidden in the frame and the battery pack fits in the backpack. It was great fun to rid and seems like a good commuting alternative to a bike (if only the law would allow for this type of vehicle).

Im still quite tired so im sure this is filled with spelling errors and mistakes but i hope it gives some of you the same motivation boost that its given me.

If you know who these builds belong to then comment below and i will add them in because these guys deserve recognition for their awesome and inspiring work.

Also if you guys have got picture of anything that i might have missed then please post them below :smiley:


exactly what I wanted someone to post TY! :slight_smile:


Super dope, good read and gives an overview of some cool DIY stuff. The Kaly battery was especially interesting, I haven’t seen that done yet but it makes sense.

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Great right up, do you have more details/pictures of the French riders loaded 3d printed modular enclosure? Looks similar to my solution and would love to see how he has handled cable routing.

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I don’t I’m afraid :worried:

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Oh that’s a shame, I shall have to see if my googlfu is up to scratch this evening.

It’s really cool to get a peek into the non racing part of the event. And the little scoops.


Wow the difference between EU DIY and USA DIY is pretty interesting. A lot more improvisation vs Aesthetics. A lot of the US builds like senders boards or LHB make you say cool and wow. Those pictures have me saying WTF and why!?! (in a good way). Some crazy ideas over there… would have loved to ride all of them. Great job sharing and making us wish we were there!


Great review! It’s almost like I was there :cry:


Jay’s videos of Paris Event/s:


Well, duck tape does rule :joy:

Also, these Jay Boston videos give him a pass in my book for all the crappy reviews he has done in the past. Well done man.


I met him there and in real life he is a lovely bloke.

@ducktaperules so glad you did this! There were some amazing builds there, think you captured all the left field stuff!


I hope this experience makes him rethink using the words: faster, most, best, insane, quality, ridiculous, etc all the time


Another SHORT video. FYI. this guy is a Mellow ambassador


I have to say many thanks to the the organising team!
Also to all the other guys who were enjoying the event and for the nice talks.

It is very cool to see that we have an awesome esk8 community.

For the guys who stolen some parts and the GoPro. I hope your board breaks or go up in flames :innocent:

Everbody else, have a safe esk8 summer. Hope to see you all next time.

Paris Ride Evolve:

Street track:


Sunday Paris Ride


Solid event guys. Well done, looks like you all had a blast.

I imagine there will be a few hundred new faces next year if this is what they know is in store for them :clap:


It looks fantastic. Wish i could have made it if only to steal jasons man bag. Great post man.

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wow some of those look like they’re from another world, thanks for the post looks like a blast

What a great, informative and honest video

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@Duffman had the first two boards. The monster 4x4 and the 2 wheeled thing. Great guy, always smiling and great rider!
We had a blast, the next year will be even bigger but this was very special.