Pairing a remote with a receiver


I’ve been trying to get the skateboard working without a remote and it’s a process. I can see that I really should have a remote anyway until I can figure out this remoteless thing.

I want to make sure I don’t buy something incompatible, I’ve been looking at this receiver:

Turnigy iA6C PPM/SBUS Receiver 8CH 2.4G AFHDS 2A Telemetry Receiver (

and this remote:

Electric Wireless LED Display Remote Control with Cruising Skateboarding Single/Dual Drive Controller Indicator Light|Skate Board| - AliExpress

Basically, I want to know if the remote and receiver will actually pair. The receiver can do PPM and connect via 2.4GHz and the remote connects via 2.4GHz. The receiver is not usually used for these kinds of remotes, and I don’t want to wait for them to ship just to find out they can’t pair.

Anyone have any idea? I’m just looking for the cheapest remote/receiver combo.

Just spend 50 bucks on remote and receiver and save yourself a headache or something worse, like a head injury. . . :call_me_hand:

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Will that work? No.
What should you do? Buy a Hoyt puck and be done with it. If you need telemetry buy a DaveGa. If the Hoyt puck is too expensive and you live in a less urban area the flipsky vx1 should suffice.

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I’ll take a head injury to take me off this planet.

Why won’t it work? They won’t pair?

There are easier ways that won’t screw the rest of us over. :wink:

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2.4ghz isn’t some universal remote standard. That remote will only pair to it’s own receiver. Which doesn’t even communicate over ppm.


Why would you be screwed over? Would probably barely make the news. Not like every time a cyclist dies all cyclists are screwed over.

I see, I was hoping there was some standard protocol for pairing. But I assume each manufacturer is doing their own thing.

$50 is the cheapest option I’ve seen. I could literally make my own remote, might just do that.

Better make 2

Good luck and don’t die.


If I didn’t trust the first one would work, I wouldn’t make it at all 0-0

I’ve done something similar with Bluetooth modules before and they’re still kicking almost 2 years later. Just deciding if it’s worth the hassle or keep experimenting with remoteless until I get it right.

There are a lot of cheap remote options that come with receivers

Mini remote

Both have lots of community 3d printed case mods to make them smaller

There is also this open source remote you could build


Didn’t see this till now. I saw a Vanpro esk8 remote that was cheap as well, the issue was the reviews. There were people claiming that the remote would send false signals or even cut out at high speeds. One person said it happened and they expect it could injure them later, another said it happened and they were injured.

Honestly, I found all the parts to make my own remote, and they would have cost about $15! I just wasn’t sure if I wanted to put the time in to program and test everything.

But viper is sending me his old remote, and they look reliable :3

Only issue is delivery time really. I found all the components at slightly higher prices but would arrive sooner. I also prefer the Raspberry Pi Pico over the Arduino, probably because I’ve never used the Arduino lmao. But would also mean I can’t reuse his code.

It also looks nice, but I don’t have a 3D printer sadly. I’d have to make a ghetto case.

But it really looks like an amazing DIY remote. Usually I’d obsess and try to make one even better, but I’ve got other projects on my mind.

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You know, with the amount of times I’d of benefited from a 3D printer and the fact that I don’t have one upsets me. Getting a 3D printer is now on my list. A little research and I see the Sunlu S8 Pro as a really great budget option.

I need a millionaire to adopt me.