Ownboard Zeus Discussion

Upgrading can be fun as well though.

Lol, you act like i wouldnt be putting the same money into a lacroix - lots of the money is on parts ive bought and used across multiple different boards and builds, and the end plan is a 16S6P in that boundmotor octopus setup too.

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The headache of having to make everything work on these china boards is the opposite of fun. Enclosures can’t hold shit, dimensions always fucking things up. Having to deal with their cheap JST, bullshit proprietary vesc/motor connector cables

Seems like a good idea, so you start, and are too far down the rabbit hole when you realize it was a shit idea and it would have been better to do it from scratch on a different platform. So you end up spending $6k on a ownboard and still sinking money into it to make these parts work, all for an unpolished, bottlenecked, slightly upgraded chinaboard; and by the end, you’ve replaced every single part anyway.

way too much focus on numbers and not enough on real-world uses. shoulda got a 60d on a 12s8p for 1/3 the price or 100d on 18s for near end-of-the-road performance…

Youre not wrong in my case, but to be fair if you’re smart about upgrading such a board its not a horrible way to do it. Zeus pro P42A for 1500, stormcore 100D for 400, new flipsky motors for 250, and a remote for a hundred bucks would have you sorted with a solid setup for under 2500. Hell, you might even be able to get it under 2000 if you shop smart and sell off the replaced parts.

Ive since given up on the zeus pro platform, only part left is the battery (this was my endgame, the zeus pro was a stopgap).

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Hey guys, does anybody know what kind of BMS is in the Zeus battery pack?

Probably it’s a discharge BMS right?

shitty bms, probably doesn’t even do pgroup balancing, just like all other chinese board



I have been reading/learning about BMSs and eskate stuff as I want to do a diy build.

Could the shitty discharge BMS have been the cause for my motor power cutout that made me Superman for a second or 2…and weirdly after I did only 70km with the Zeus Pro ESC on the Original Zeus.

The other weird thing I noticed after the power cutout accident the acceleration power is not as strong as it was before. Any ideas what/why that could be…

motor power cut can be many reason, one of them could be bms cutout either because u pulled over its rated max amp, or the bms heat up too much.

i also had this happen to me with my modded backfire ranger, i was also superman for 2,3 meters

not sure about this part, maybe its in wrong mode? mine was a vesc, wasn’t a hobbywing

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Dang yeah so you know also, how it feels to be Clark Kent :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::ok_man:

I am just assuming that the Pro ESC that was rated with higher output Amps than the Original ESC had to overheat the BMS…maybe even do some damage on some electrical component…as the torque punch that I had before the accident is definently gone…atleast the brakes still work fine…

The smart BMS is probably a good option for a light cruiser build right.
Would like to use the original Zeus Hobbywing ESC and a 13S3P pack to keep it light.
Can expect any issues with this combo because I will do it only charge BMS for obvious reasons.

without knowing what amps those esc are set to, can’t exactly say its the esc pulling too much amps to cause the bms cut out, many factor in play here

if u have another pack u can test the esc tho, but still wouldn’t yield much result to determine the real cause of the cutout

smart bms is always a good thing to have even if u don’t check the pack often, at least u get data when u need to do maintenance or monitor for experiment use

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Unfortunately I don’t have another pack. But yeah a sticker on the Pro ESC says Output: 2x18Amps…that’s not alot, but yes without a possibility look into the firmware it’s just guessing.

Thanks for the help and advice :love_you_gesture::zap:

ya those are just phase amps, which adds up to 36, that’s what im guessing the esc is set as for battery amp, 36a. most recent chinese board have 40a or 60a discharge bms, with exception of meepo claiming 100a, but still, inside an enclosed space with 0 airflow and right next to heat source (battery cell), once the bms heats up, its gonna cut off once the set temp is reached, they don’t even throttle down, just out right shut down. its very possible that it was a bms cutout due to heat, that’s the most common cutout reason, but again, can’t say 100% for sure.

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Hmmm this sounds like an eye opener, didn’t really ever think about it like that…but you are right…it’s damn tight in there with heat no where to escape…it’s a good recipe for disaster…a good heatsink should be mandatory on these beasts…

If I was connecting the Hobbywing ESC to a smart bms for my build is there any downside I should be aware of.

why? just bypass discharge and go directly into the esc, the bms doesn’t need to be in the way of the discharge path, all hobbywing esc have low voltage cutoff set, so u can’t actually run the pack down to dangerous level

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From talkin to riders who went from DKP to Ownboard’s TKP, they found turning more restricted than anticipated. Can be mitigated with softer bushings but the angle of the rear baseplate/truck is a fair bit lower than the front.

I got the impression they would have done well to not have it as low. In their zest to make it more stable, perhaps they made the back “too stable”. I can’t say for sure personally, only anecdotal stuff from riders.

Zeus pro owner here.
Previously owned multiple DKP boards, including flipsky 15.2" DKPs on riptides softest DKP bushing kit.

The zeus pro TKP’s absolutely are restrictive. Maximum steering angle is significantly lower in the rear, and slightly lower in the front, resulting in way worse turning radius. This DOES have some benefits, mainly in stability, and how at high speeds you get a higher deck lean angle, making it easier to stay planted on the board during hard carves - but for low to mid speeds theyre definitely insanely restrictive. This was all with my zeus pro TKP’s on 87A krank bushings, running loose.

If i was to pick, I would want an additional 5 degrees of baseplate angle in the front, and an additional 10 degrees in the rear, combined wirh softer bushings.

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Exactly the kinda stuff I have heard from others, thanks for sharing! A lot of people’s average speeds are low to mids, so it is good for everyone to know before making a purchase.


Hey kids.
What are good replacement wheels for the Ownboard Zeus?
my neighbor Benji has some serious slop on one of his rims.

I have seem people with the Meepo Racing wheels on.

How are the Cheap Evolve Hubs, those look like a good option?

any thing else worth considering?

Depends on how much money he wants to spend. The Zeus Pro annodized metal rims are pretty decent in that regard, the meepo racing wheels are expensive but are great.

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Are they different construction than what he has now? They look the same to me. Just oil slick