Ownboard->Landyachtz Conversion Help Needed!

Hello All!

I recently bought a Landyachtz Switchblade 38". Swapping my Ownboard W2 components to it and have run into a hiccup. The motors underneath touch the board when I shift weight to the right or left. Not quite sure what to do about this. Any ideas?

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Can’t you turn it so the motors are facing the opposite way

Another possibility is using a raiser

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get some risers


No :man_facepalming:

Those trucks are RKP you cant just flip them and the mounts are fixed.

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I already have 1/2" risers in there.

Yeah the best fix would be a new rear truck and mounts that let you mount in reverse.

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You could try drilling new truck mounting holes to move the trucks further apart. You’d need a metal support on the other side though.

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What about adding another 1/4" riser. Bad idea?

I also thought about potentially dremelling out some of the wood in those spots.

What @rusins said.


Question – are you going to bottom mount both of those enclosures? They’re quite thick for a drop-down deck, so you’re going to need a lot of risers either way just to clear the ground.

If I were you, I would:

  1. Mount the trucks further apart to eliminate wheel bite and motor bite
  2. stack the enclosures one on top of another, on the top of the deck in the middle, between your legs.

This way you’d get a nice low-rider board, which will feel amazing with this deck. That’s how I plan to electrify mine once I get the time :slight_smile:

Thanks @rusins - not quite sure on how to mount them further apart - just drill new holes like you said, I suppose. I would need to do this on both sides? Also the metal support - are there things commercially available?
Sorry for the q’s = I’m a complete noob.

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The metal supports aren’t an available product, you would have to make them. (Eboosted did that with his build) I’ve been meaning to contact @akhlut about making some that would be compatible with all trucks, and perfect for switchblade owners, but haven’t had the time. If all you need is a centimeter though, you can do what I did here:

Basically I just used the alternative mounting holes in my trucks, and drilled a bit to make room for the other screws.

This is great news! I already have a metal cover from @akhlut that should do the trick!!!

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If you’re going to do that you’ll need different plates on the rear

Something like this would shift the trucks 20mm towards the tail, which keeps the trucks under the board profile.

You’d need to drill two holes in the deck to make it work


You could push the trucks out 25mm further and not need to drill the deck at all.

I’d probably push the brace in as well to help strengthen the tail.


Definitely – the deck gets way too flexy if the tail loses support.

Man, you mocked up that solution in cad super fast :smiley: I was thinking of having you make smaller plates for drop-through setups like Eboosted has, but what you just showed is perfect for regular mounting :slight_smile:

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Wow @akhlut to my rescue… Again. And @rusins I really appreciate the input man!

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This is the issue I thought people would have mounting he BKB kit but I guess this person happened to choose the right drop through set up where there would be no clearance issues.

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