Ownboard Carbon 12s5p custom

What up folks, This is my first build and my first post.

Story time, Feel free to skip the next paragraph if you just want to get to the build.

I guess i have to start from the beginning to explain what this is and why i did it. I was an esk8 owner for about 3 years, in which i put a total of 12 miles on my first board. My board was more of a mobility tool than a recreational thing, and i wasn’t getting a ton of usage out of it, i did have some fun with it though. Since it had been some years since i bought my first board, there was a lot of new stuff out there to choose from, and i figured it was time for an upgrade. During my research i discovered esk8 culture! I thought I was alone out here messing with electric skateboards! I ended up buying about 6 boards in a very short time, each one brought cool and different things to the table, but one thing they all had in common… range anxiety, all the boards i owned had little 10s batteries in them, and despite what the manufacturer claims, the best i could do on these things was 11 to 14 miles and 24mph. Generally speaking, that’s plenty of performance, but after having discovered weekly group rides of 30+ through Washington DC, that range wasn’t really cutting it, and i hated having to go home early with a dead board. I needed to figure out how to go farther, and while i’m at it, faster. Of all my boards, The Ownboard Carbon wasn’t exactly my favorite to ride, but it was the most stable at speed, the most solidly built, and the best looking being a sleek carbon fiber unibody, and being so long it had plenty of space for a bigger battery. I also like the torque of a belt drive, and I was able to reuse the stock belt drive system, that would be costly otherwise.

note: I didn’t do a great job with photos because i had no intentions of documenting this build.

So with the goal on More Speed and More Range in mind, I set out to see how much battery i could fit in here. I had 2 10s3p 18650 battery packs and they slid in the case perfectly with just enough space to tuck wires between, so I knew i could fit 60 cells, so that would either be a 10s6p or a 12s5p with 18650 cells. 21700 cells would be out of the question. I knew i had to account for the BMS and ESC, but i knew those could be mounted externally, so i wasn’t really worried about where to put it at the moment.

There is a slight raised ridge around the ESC area that i was worried about and prepared to cut and shave, but it turned out not to be an issue.

Here’s what the inside of the deck looks like. (boundmotor sells the same deck)

While I waited on my battery from Duck, I set out to solve the problem of where to put the ESC and BMS. I really hated to disrupt the sleek unibody by mounting external enclosures, something I loathe, but what choice did i have, at least going underside it wont really be visible.

After carefully measuring the stock ESC Heat sink and my FocBox, I designed an enclosure that i could mount the stock Heat sink to. To fit the focbox inside, i shaved off the silicone on the sides and it was a fit!


I stopped reading at this part. I better see you at the season opener group ride this saturday!

Okay, back to reading.


Here is my enclosure

ESC mounted inside

And the enclosure mounted to the board, note, you can see the raised ridge i referred to earlier.

I did my best to account for the space that the BMS would take up but i didn’t have my battery from Duck yet , but i was dead on, by the time everything was stuffed in there, there was no room to spare

In the pic below, you can see the BMS hanging out, I asked him to make the wires extra long because i didn’t know if i’d be able to fit everything, but it worked out!

I also made this feature in front of my enclosure to prevent my electronics from being completely sheared off if i hit a bump or go over a curb. It was originally a simple wedge shape, but i needed a little more style than that. so i made this Batman looking thing

And here’s how she currently sits, Yes, i know i need to address the main power wire which currently flaps freely in the wind, i ran it externally so that i can easily switch to a top mount battery for more range, but i haven’t really put my attention into cleanly securing it better as it is. I’ll think of something. I also have a new riptide bushing set on the way because this thing is actually SCARY fast now and it feels like it can get away from me under anything less than ideal conditions. I’m hoping that does the trick.

THx for checking out my build, and i hope this helps someone do something similar.


man, you got to this thread quick! I wasn’t done yet lol. I’ll be there this weekend, I also plan to be in Philly also. I’m looking forward to it.


I’m bringing you some heat shrink braided cable sleeves for that. It’s super tough and looks great.


ah sweet, that’s perfect!

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Lastly, i have to give a huge shout out to @Skyart for not only putting together an awesome battery pack, but taking the time to answer my questions about batteries before i started this build. Information out htere is overwhelming and sometimes conflicting, and it was difficult for me to determine exactly what i needed in a battery pack, but i had 100% confidence once i purchased from him.


i posted one wrong pic, but i don’t think i can go back and edit:

And the enclosure mounted to the board, note, you can see the raised ridge i referred to earlier.


I’m posting this board for sale $1400 OBO

i’ve probably put about 5 miles on it.

Reason ?

If you do a part out im interested in the unity

I built another board the same time as this one, this one’s too fast for me and I’ve lost a bit of my nerve due to a crash on another board.