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Outrunner Motor Bearings, mostly new gen flipsky motors but all about motor bearings.

I found no thread on a search for talking about motor bearings.

OK so I may have overheated a gearbox with little grease and just cooked the shit outta the single bearing near the gear. Now I am searching out good replacements, I figure that high heat and little water makes 2RS bearings a bad choice but where is a good place to buy zz ones?

Motor: BN FBH Flipsky 6384
output bearing: 6900ZZ 10x22x6 6900-2RS
inner bearings: 6800ZZ 10x19x5 6800-2RS

anyone else got a place for US/intl?

Can anyone say if the cheap asf abec 1 chinese bearings would be a bad choice for motors? Or also if 2rs is really bad idea? it was used before but not anymore I presume because it is a worse choice.

I went down this rabbit hole pretty badly a while back also convinced I should be after ZZ. There’s also the LLU vs LLB factor.

Unless you want to pay like $15+ per bearing for something from SKF, NSK, Nachi, Fag, etc

Decent 2RS from Amazon is perfectly fine and all that is needed. Returns from anything better/more expensive seem truly negligible for motor bearings.

I bought these

and these

With the intention of playing around with combinations. Mainly, with the two inner bearings as 2RS and the outer bearing as a ZZ, as it would be the leakiest/dirtiest being exposed.

ZZ outside does get a little bit less dirty than the 2RS, but the 2RS for all bearings works just fine too. Water ingress didn’t seem to be a big issue on the ZZ or 2RS

All said, I recommend the 2RS I linked. Cheap and work perfectly.

Buy this oil as well

& @b264 has a good thread on using it (I think it was him at least, tl:dr fill your shaft chamber like 2/3 full of it & a few drops on the outer bearing if going ZZ)


haha I am surprised it was a rabbit hole for us and there was not a clear discussion about it already.

you and me just do not know exactly what the requirements are but I feel high temps need to make sure it sheds heat and retains oil best.

I mean I would personally go with fasteddy or another reputable source just because. In this case I am hoping to use zz bearings and those are just not found on fasteddy, so searching out alternate supplier.

I would appreciate if you would only link bearings if you also link the motor it goes to. I will edit my post to set the example. Shit I am terrible a formating.

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Good ur here!

So I have overheated the bearings in my BN GD. Now I have to pick out a grease for them and get tools for taking them apart but I can use my parent’s this first time.

Seems relevant enough to this thread to have the tools and grease linked.

Any help?

@CHAINMAILLEKID has the grease info, searching schaeffer under his name should bring up his research