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Osprey: Manta deck w/TB 110 tires I BN adjustable baseplate, 220 hangers, and mounts I (2) TB 6374 190KV I NESE 10s4p I Unity & Hoyt Puck

So I decided on a 10s4p NESE setup, since my first board is a 10s and it is slightly cheaper. Also 12s max speed and range are not needed in my life…right now. I have ordered NESE hardware, thanks for the great product @Agniusm and I’ve asked for an discounted quote for 30Qs from @BenF, thanks for the competitive prices!

Next I need to settle on an ESC. I’ve read that singles are better than duals since it is easier to deal with replacing one once I eventually brake it or it fails, so my current front runner is (2) FSESC 6.6.

However, I don’t know enough about ESCs yet and still read alot of people using 4.12/4.2s. So am I better off with the 6.6 or is there a go to ESC for someone will be be programming their first VESC based ESC? Also, I was hoping to not have to spend over 200 euros for my ESC needs on this build and am waiting to see if there are some good black friday sales coming up.

I have here a Unity left, if you want one. Otherwise I have a spare FSESC 6.6 here.

Thanks, what are your prices for each of these? Also, can you help educate me on why I would want one over the other?

If you aren’t going for speed and torque (and you admittedly aren’t with 10s) then you don’t need to be pushing 50-70A to each motor. Consider the dual makerx @ <40A per motor if you’re trying to save some coin. Added benefit, your range will be much better.

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Well, as you go for dual motors, the unity is a dual motor controller, not as the single FSESC. The unity is so easy to setup.(Change XT 60 for a XT90 connector and the 3.5mm bullet connector to 5.5mm(I have 3 5.5mm bullets left here, that I can give you)). 140€ for the single fsesc and I can ask my friend for the price, who has the unity. Two single fsescs over canbus will cost you more than a unity.


Thanks for the tip, I just read up on the MakerX dual v4 ESC and agree, for the price of a single fsesc I get both, and for my needs it should handle what I need it to.

Thanks for the info and offer. Just so I have all my options to consider, what is the price of the unity?

My friend was here half an hour ago here and I forgot to ask him. Sorry for that.:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
But the last price was 250$, so ~223€ excluding shipping costs.(She’s brandnew and unopened :smiley:)
And Stuttgart is not far away from me.:wink:

From what I’ve read, that is a good price for a unity…and I could avoid VAT or shipping compared to buying one online, seems like a great deal. In your opinion, is the unity worth the 100+ euros more than the MakerX dual?

Roll to start, built-in anti-spark, built-in BT module in use with the Focbox UI App(can be upgraded to the Metr pro version for logging).
Overvoltage protection(they are the only one with this), higher current capabilities(for the future, if you think so.:wink:)


Thanks for this info as I’m still learning about ESCs and differences between the models. I’m on the road in the States the next couple weeks. I’ll check if it is still available when I get back at the end of November and decide then if my cash flow warrants a road trip to meet up with you.

Thanks to black friday weakness, I have changed the direction of my build and will be updating the first post and title. I was planning AT wheels to handle light gravel/dirt trails, but since this board will mostly be used as my commuter board, I bought the TB blue 110s. Besides, this give me a reason to buy the Haero board for my 3rd build to satisfy my offroad needs :wink:

Since it has been 5 weeks and my motors and wheels have not arrived yet (@torqueboards you can stop the auto emails asking for a review until I at least receive the product), I spent this holiday staining, sealing, and griping the deck @MarkOneBoards, and I’m really happy with the results.


Man those original wheels looked so disproportionate to that deck

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They are, but just some wheels and truck I hide laying around waiting from the good stuff to arrive.

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That grip looks trippy af – so dope! :smiley:

Did you cut all pieces at once in the correct sizes, or did you constantly remeasure to account for the inaccuracies summing up?


I cut all the pieces first with a big paper cutter and then made adjustments as needed when applying to the board.


Progress now that black Friday wheels and motors finally arrived


Nice work on that Q-bert grip tape job. Looks really good and 3 dimensional. :+1:


What are those blue things on the front truck hanger?


Thanks, I’m really happy with how it turned out.