Osprey: Manta deck w/TB 110 tires I BN adjustable baseplate, 220 hangers, and mounts I (2) TB 6374 190KV I NESE 10s4p I Unity & Hoyt Puck

I’m working on my next build and want to know what people think if choosing between these two @torqueboards its:

TB DD 75KV with AT adapter when it’s available = $825ish


TB Dual Motor Kit with 218s, 16T pulley, AT 160mm Kit, and (2) 6374 190KV = $746

This build will be on @MarkOneBoards Manta deck with NESE 3D printed battery packs housing Samsumg 30Qs in a 10s4p or 12s4p setup.

This will be my work commuter that needs to handle cobblestone roads and some gravel/dirt paths. So how will the TB DD w/AT wheels compare to the belt drive setup with torque,speed, and handling? I would love experienced builders/riders lay down a pros/cons between these two setups?

Also, being new to living in Germany, I felt violated when I had to pay 80 Euros to customs for @dickyho parts on my first build. So, can I expect the same warm welcome from customs when I order from TB? Please say @torqueboards has an EU distributor!? If not, do I expect a 20% customs charge?

Final build choices:
Board name: Osprey - going with green and blue colors to pay homage to my home town.
Deck: MarkOneBoard’s Manta
Wheels/Motor: TB blue 110s & (2) 6374 190KV motors (if they ever make it through customs)
Trucks/Mounts: Boardnamics adjustable baseplates, 220 hangers, and motor mounts (no problem with customs)
Battery: NESE 10s4p - Samsumg 30Qs
ESC: Unity
Remote: Hoyt Puck
Enclosure: 3D printed in TPU


No and yes


Thanks, I assumed those answers, but wanted it confirmed so I numb myself to the extra payouts.

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Great customer service. Really good trucks, comes from Taiwan. You should still expect import fees but they might not be has high.


Yeah, I priced out that setup as well, would be around 700 Euros, but the wheels are 145 and I was looking for 160mm or larger pneumatics, but read a lot of good things about those wheels and trucks, so will still consider it an option.

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I actually don’t know the exact size of the tyres but you can work around that.

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I’d go for torque over top speed then, and that leads to belt drive – or any drive except direct drive really.

Of course the TB DD would still work, but axial direct drive will probably have less clearance than a satellite configuration like belt drive.


I also can’t imagine dropping curbs on a DD is much fun.


I know some people are pumped about it but I can’t imagine 75kv DD with pneumatics being good. I had Carvon v2.5 at 85kv on 97mm wheels, and it pulled like a train above like 15mph, but the torque and brakes at low speeds were really lacking, and everything got very hot.

The belt systems mentioned, the haggy trucks are amazing, and designed to take motor mounts. I’ve not tried haggy mounts or motors, but from what I’ve seen of TB and haggy, their stuff is more tightly integrated and hitting a higher level of quality and robustness.


Yeah, I’ve done the commute on my first build with Dickyho airless ATs and they role over the cobblestone and handle curbs, but you still feel every bump I was hoping the pneumatics will absorb some.

I would really like to hear some real testers come through with their opinion…

75kv tbdd + Dexter’s AT wheels were going to be used in my next Drivetrain but I’m interested in hearing counter arguments 🤷


I hope I’m wrong, as I’d love for TBDD+pneumatics to be viable, but as another example Mad Fury with 75kv and bergmeisters were found unsatisfactory. He is happy with TB110 though…

@Sn4Pz you’re chasing all these amazing cool things just around the corner. It’s cool if the chase is what blows up your skirt, but maybe settle down with something lots of people have tried and love?


The only thing that could ‘blow my skirt over my eyes’ (if we’re sticking with that :joy:) is the tbdd honestly, everything else on the Choo choo is going to be tested / proven parts 🤷

Not even 30 minutes ago I was toying around with the “what if I did those herringbone gears instead” idea. I won’t buy anything until around winter break, I want to get my VESCs and battery set up first.

That being said I’m sure you’ll see 5 other replies by me that contradict eachother between now and then… So it ain’t nothin but a thang

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That thing is begging for huge wheels. I’m not sure what I’m doing yet either. I’ll probably throw AVIO/bergies on to see what’s up, but it’s ridiculously big/wide for that tiny board. I’ll probably end up with MF+TB110…

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I know right?

But I think it is gonna look it’s most sleek when its got a since set of thane on it… And I’m totally willing to lose some comfort for the range (only a 10s3p) and looks :stuck_out_tongue:

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The 6374 will always out climb. DD God Bless mechanical advantage…

Ok, motor/drive decided, I’m going with (2) TB 6374 190KV belt drive for the build based on DD not being there yet as mentioned for my AT setup and needs.

Next question, battery. I’m building my first battery with this second build using the NESE modules. I have enough room for (6) 2s4p modules but want to hear opinions on why I should go 12s4p over 10s4p using Samsung 30Q. What other advantages besides max speed and max distance should I consider going with 12s? If there is a good thread comparing 10s vs 12s if all other settings are the same, please point it out to me.

Are those cork blocks? Are you able to get them cheap?

10s4p vs 12s4p, no brainer 12s4p (40 cells vs 48). A fairer comparison would be 10s5p.

If you have other 10s boards, I’d go 12s. 10s is definitely safer for your electronicals but 12s is definitely more performant.

Yep, left over cork from another project. My first board uses a 10s3p battery, so I’m leaning towards 10s4P for that reason on this build, though I have the space for 12s4p and not gonna lie, the increased range and speed has its appeal.


It’s actually 19%. And be aware of the local police. You know the situtation, do you?:wink: