Onsra Challenger

Thoughts? 9 Months of development apparently. Pretty similar to my new build but mine is better :joy:

I like the deck the most obviously hah. Dkp is a bit wierd on it since you can run tight rkp or low angle and kickturn. Just imo from my style.




I think it’s really cool, I saw one of the builds in the video was a belt drive, must have been a proto.

The deck shape looks really nice, and I’m sure the griptape is very comfortable. I’d ride it, looks fun

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He mentions the belt version is coming later

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I like the deck, but dont get why its DKP :man_shrugging:.
Also, 26 mi range with a 12s2p 21700 5000mah cell :rofl:


You’d be surprised how little power these kinds of direct drives sip. I doubt it would get 26 miles, but on the Revel kit with a 10s2p of 30q cells, I can get 12 miles at least. Probably 10 on cloudwheels.

I’m not sure either. I feel like if you haven’t ridden dkp, you wouldn’t understand why you’d want it. The pure carving ability and turning radius make it quite fun


For sure, I’ve tried an evolve and metro x before. They are definitely fun and carvy. It’s a personal preference thing I guess if you don’t need the stability at speed.

The 26 mile range is said to be on cloud wheels. Either way, unless going 10 mph and below, no way it would be close. Sag will be bad as well with those cells. 10a continuous max for those storage cells I believe.


Yeah could be, the Hobbywing ESC only draws 30A so maybe only bad at low voltages.

I would bet real-world range is 15 miles with cloud wheels


Exaggerated range claims are just par for the course at this point.
I like it better when they at least say the scenario (130lb rider @15mph avg.)


It would be nice to see a better battery in there, I think the last onsra was handicapped by that too. It does look really fun to ride, maybe the battery won’t be as much of an issue. He might have something good here. It’s probably fine dkp if it won’t go faster than 50kph but seems sketch. I find carving on the meepo trucks really nice at max speed but they would need a lot of tightening with the stock bushings.

50E*/G cells in 2P will be a ride to sag town…

The advertised 40A will be a stretch with those cells as well :thinking:


Glad someone made a thread on here, I watched Fabi’s 2 videos on this board and it looks like a really fun board to ride. The battery choice is a real let-down, but otherwise no complaints. Would be cool to buy the deck and enclosure separately for DIYing.

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Interesting so consensus is battery is def under specced. Curious what is the cost difference per board at his scale to have gone with 40t or anything more reasonable to not make it a sagfest?

Lunch money would pay the difference. Heck, the 40T might even cost less.

Perhaps they don’t know about voltage sag and delivered-Wh and how that can affect range? They saw the higher capacity spec for the 50E, its oft-quoted (but exaggerated) 15A rating, and figured they were actually using the better battery.

Wait…how do we know they are using the Samsung 50E and not the much better performing 50E2, 50E3, or 50G? We can’t claim sagfest without knowing which “5000mAh” Samsung they’re using.

Though, at 40A “max” for a 2P, even the best 5000mAh cells will not be performing well and P42A’s or 40T’s could potentially give longer range.


That was a mistake on my end then. I just figured 50E, but it could be any of the ones you mentioned.

At any rate the battery should max out at 20A for 2P (for 50E*/50G cells)

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How do we know its not 50S 35amp cells lol. I need these in my life. Pretty sure fabi stated 50e somewhere like a video but cant find it now.



I’ll take a guess that price/availability prevented that, we could always dream


Throw in some electronic ignorance too lol. Ooh same big max numbers but cheap and easy to source, perfect.

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