Onewheel; A guide of sorts

I want to make this thread dedicated for Onewheel hacks, tutorials and questions!

Enjoy and float on my friends!


Kiiind of already exists, also I don’t think this should be in prebuilt board discussion

Unless you’re not talking about DIY, but still wrong category

Every find yourself needing to put your keys or phone into something well on a ride? You could just go with a fender pack, but that’s much more expensive than it needs to be. I will show you here how to build a handy holder for next to nothing!

Supplies needed:
-Drill bit case (empty)
-Double sided sticky tape

Step 1:
Empty drill bit case

Step 2:
Install double sided tape on the center of the drill bit case

Step 3:
Align the case where you want it to be on your fender and mark it accordingly

Step 4:
Securely fasten the drill bit case to the fender

Now your done!

Here are the results:

I hope this helped!


Edited the category! Thanks for the feedback.