Old school decks - What boards did you rock BITD?

I started skateboarding when I was around 10. That was in the mid 80’s. Decks were pretty different than now. A lot wider and nose tails were not not standard. My first board was a shitty off the shelf complete toy board that our parents got us. We loved it although it was crap. None the less, it got us into skateboarding, me and my kid brother.

My first real skateboard was a Rob Roskopp. I loved it, but it probably wasn’t the best trick board. Very wide as I recall. (google image)


My kid bro was more active on buying and selling boards. He was into T Hawk and got this deck

Went over to this board with one of my favorite deck designs at the time, Bucky Lasek

And then this Mike McGill


I remember that he rocked Gullwing Sidewinders on his boards. Don’t know if those are still in production…

Show us your setups from back in the day!


It’s great that those whale tail cruisers are making a solid comeback as esk8 shortboards now.


The Lance Mountain and the McGill are my two favorite decks to build on.


Still got this board from my teens.


I’ve had a lot of decks growing up. One’s i remember the most were The Hosoi Hammerhead, a mark Gonzalez vision deck and a whole bunch of different Santa Cruz drcks.
My analog board is still an older Santa Cruz shape with a more modern concave.


First board I had was an off brand penny board. After that I got a Valterra King Cobra


My first board was a Variflex Ramp Rat (Pro sponsorship by my mum), then a Dogtown Street, loved that board, skated that poor thing till it’s last breath, Tommy Guerrero flames, tombstone shape, flat as a pancake, Steve Caballero bonite (in pic), then lots of Alva and Zorlac, because they were the cool tough guys and i wanna be cool and tough (mom can i have some bus fare to go skate?)

sorry knees!


There is a buy right now for enclosures that fit all these gnarly decks


Still got my last purchased deck. Still ride it when I’ve drunk enough beer.

Shes a tired old girl but shes had a hard life for 30 odd years.


Love that deck

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Its fucked. :rofl:

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So is my Santa Cruz

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The sign of a great deck.

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