NXBoards? Seems promising.

I was browsing insta and stumbled across this account


When I saw the account it was only about 5 minutes old. Being as nosey and esk8 interested, I shot them a quick message. They were being very secretive about their upcoming board but they did tell me they are based in Colorado, and their board is going to have a p24a 12s5p battery. and an additional 12s5p pack can be added to double the range. VESC, and CNC everything They are going to gear it to give it a 45-50 mph top speed and it’s going to be sub 2k, sounds like this might be the big next board.


U could have paste in more info than just pasting in what u wrote in forsaken land


I asked them about this, they had to scrap the mtb idea. I guess they figured out that there were a whole lot more people that wanted street boards than mtbs, I hope they bring back the mtb but I don’t think it would have been a good first board.


I think starting with a road board is a really good idea. If they can do 12s5p and quality components for less than 2k, that could be really promising. I hope they are assembled in the US.


Hahah they talked about scrapping it because of the backlash on reddit for their poor introduction and picture they posted.

Nxboards where those dudes that posted on every major platform talking about their “new board”

All they had was this photo of several random parts poorly photoshopped together because they didn’t want to spend money on a designer.

The reddit thread was a shitshow. They ultimately deleted the thread as well as their whole reddit account.

I only have this screenshot of the photoshop

Here the remains of the thread.



ohhh, that’s why the name sounds familiar :rofl:

With all that said, already calling it “promising” is something that doesn’t fit right. They have nothing to show but a few words.


Am i the only one who thinks this guy is a bot?


me think it is nxboard


Yeah or that.

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Hiding in plain sight

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Oh shit, I remember seeing that. The post was up for like 5 minutes :rofl:

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Gotta love those cut half sized belts that are powered by nothing :rofl:

My quick photo shops for just deciding on what colors to make my parts look way better than that and I only make those to give me an idea of what it would look like before spray painting everything.

Proof: I even added shading onto the trucks which wasn’t even necessary.


Hows is the surf adapter without the rail adapter? Did you have to add risers to the back?


A production board with a surf adapter? Interesting.

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1" of risers in the back. I have the rail adapter but 1 couldn’t figure how the fuck to install it to begin with, and 2. it was going to make the current cables not reach the esc anyway. Still have it and have never used it.

Ex-production board. it is a Theseus’ ship esk8 at this point. Only OG parts are the esc enclosure, the trucks, and motors. 2nd deck, battery and battery enclosure from a different pre-made company (one with good/decent batteries), it now has a meepo esc in it because tiny drop of water killed on chip on the og esc, and I guess new wheels but they’re parts bought from the company who made the board to begin with, so no idea if that counts?

Oh, and of course, it did NOT come with the surf adapter. 2nd surf adapter for this build even. I added that because flat deck + smol human = greatly reduced turning radius. I now know that softer bushings can help that issue to an extent, but I love the feeling of the surf adapter + raked/ bent trucks too much to not use them now. this board does not have raked trucks, but the front is bent in a way that mimics a rake. Only difference is that the contact surface of the wheels isn’t parallel to the road. With proper raked trucks the wheels still touch the ground like normal

My title explains why this is the second surf adapter for the board :rofl:

I’ve already purchased a vesc and have made a new enclosure (or am 95% done making) for it and have new motors and a new back truck for the build. So it will be even more of a ship once I finally finish my 2nd build and then have time to put the new parts on and finish things up on it :rofl:


Have you seen the mini rail adapter, its built for boards that can’t fit the normal surf adapter. I have a beta version if you want to see it


I’m interested in seeing it!

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More empty hype.


They deleted my comment. Tz tz tz