Nothing more to say :)

disclaimer: DIYEboard is a known scammer


I will most likely have a friend test it for me, he has better skill than me on a skateboard. He is my personal lab rat lol

Where are you from?

Oh this is all like a bad dream.

I’ll go cry myself to sleep rn if you have a friend test one. @frame.b022

Would you send your friend into a house fire for fun? If no then I wouldn’t put him on this

Fair enough.

If I could make a suggestion, it’s to make stuff that doesn’t exist that people can use.

How about something that looks like this:

Except manufactured, not put together by hand. That’s a male and female 5.5 x 2.1mm barrel jack, 5A throughput, wired in parallel to an adjustable lithium voltmeter.

That’s useful stuff that nobody makes.

Or make something like this

That’s high quality and not from AliExpress. Not currently on the market. Fits your skillset.


Thats why you should always wear a helmet and protective gear :slight_smile:
Needless to say i didn’t had a single fall till this day with these.
But i am just a random guy on the internet :slight_smile:

im not trying to kill him, but he would still do it even if i try to stop him lol
my friend is constantly grabbing unfinished getto board from my place and go for a ride, sometimes end up with injuries. I should really stop him, but he won’t stop is the problem.

Edit: I also make sure to throw all my safety gear at him before he goes out.

Those gears are a job for my 5axis machine. But these things would be quite expensive. I don’t know if it would be any better that belt drives that are on the Lotus board.

I am still waiting for my Prusa 3D printer to arrive to make and test more prototipes. Its been more than 7weeks of waiting time now…

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Good luck, I’d shut down your website honestly. Rethink what your doing @gorsek1


The Lotus belt drive is highly prone to failure under abuse as it’s made of a cheap rubber belt and sheet metal…a high precision enclosed all metal continuous contact gearbox will last thousands of miles while pushing 10kW through and look brand new


That I agree. But like i said its way more expensive and complex to make. When a belt costs like 3$ to replace :slight_smile:

people want reliable stuff, not cheap stuff that can be replaced cheaply.


Still, you make a claim that is a given to be false… not cool

And that happens to be what we want…people here shell out thousands of dollars for a top end beast of a board, believe it or not there is an actual market


There are a million belt drive suppliers and zero bevel steel gear drive suppliers.

You said you’re a CAD/CAM engineer with a 5-axis CNC, and you want to enter the esk8 market.

This is a reasonable entry. Reselling cheap pieces of shit that are just toys, is not the way. There are a million other people who are willing to work for $1 less per hour than you are to reship AliExpress boards. But we can help. You need a special sauce, something only you make.


Can’t help someone who doesn’t want to stop and listen for a second @b264 🤷


Lol are you a shitcunt? :rofl:

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Hey now this is a step below faboards there’s literally no effort in this drop shipping alibaba excursion

Fabi does have some Chinese stuff but it’s at least more unique and of higher quality. Besides, he did actually work with the factory and develop some new ideas with them. I wouldn’t personally buy one of his boards but the onsra black carve is much better than this


someone with 10 years of cad/cam experience could outbuild anyone with their eyes closed. Impress us…


Someone with 10 years of CAD/CAM experience and a 5-axis CNC could outbuild anyone with their eyes closed. Impress us…