been looking for a solid eboard for years now but nothing pre built comes with the specs i need, specifically being range and capable enough to handle steep hills. issue is most boards i see even customs on here have an average range of about 14 miles… i would need about 20-30 miles on a single charge, any help is greatly appreciated…

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Pneumatics or thane
Hub, direct, belt, chain, gear
Rkp, tkp, DKP, channel
10s or 12s
Torquy or fast

You want about a 500Wh battery, so maybe 10s5p/12s4p 30Q or 10s4p/12s3p 40T would work

We need more information,

First, whats your budget?

Secondly, how is the terrain for your area? Hilly? Flat?

i live in a pretty diverse area, lots of hills and lots of flat areas… budget is looking to be around $800, my friend built a board with a 50 mile range with that price and i figured with some help i can do the same…

kool story bro… I love good fairy-tales… please continue…


$1800 is a good budget for the type of build you seem to be looking for, not $800.


800$ is a workable budget imo. (Especially for single drive)

How much do you weigh?

Edit: saw location on profile – bay area. That’s immediately 150$ for a reliable puck remote, and those hills are serious, dual drive is a must. You should definitely increase your budget, like 1200$ MINIMUM.

I don’t believe this lmao. Not at all - just the cells for 50 mile range would probably be half the budget

So what you’re asking can definitely be done but with a catch. You won’t have a single piece of quality in the entire build and it will probably look and run like shit unless you weigh as mich as my 9 year old.

But the main issue here is we know nothing about you or what exactly you need. It’s like trying to solve a math equation with critical pieces missing.

Re type your OP with these questions answered.

How much do you weigh,
What is your DIY skill level,
What tools do you have or need,
Do you want urethane or pneumatic wheels,
Are you willing to Sacrifice speed for range,
Are you willing to sacrifice quality for range,
Are you willing to Sacrifice Power for range,
Do you have any pieces for your build already or are you starting from scratch,
What type of deck do you like,
Do you like to carve or are you more into stability at speed,
Are you really at your max budget?

And anything else you might think would be helpful.


Have you looked into LaCroix?

EDIT: Saw $800 budget, disregard me

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he used lithium’s if that helps idk all the details

gave budget based on what my friend made :man_shrugging:

That makes even less sense lol

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i weigh 150
never worked on anything electrical DIY
i am not 100% on all tools i need but i have a soldering kit
idk the difference…
yes i’m willing to sacrifice speed for range
and yes to some extent i’m willing to skim on quality as long as the parts will last and do their jobs
power is a must to get up those hills imo
i’m starting from scratch
deck doesn’t matter
i prefer stability
max budget was based on what my friend made his board with but i’m willing to put whatever i need to into it, this is all coming from a total noob (obviously) and if i realize i will need more in certain areas i’ll be more than willing to put the money time and effort into it.


I’m confused are you trying to build the battery as well? or just buy one?

That jumps up the initial investment cost and overall time and skill required a bit.

sounds like you want a dual 6374 setup with 40T pulleys, maybe a 10 or 12S 4-6P

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I’ll believe your friend when I see his bill of materials and a range test. Either he spent more than $800, or it has less than 50 mile range, period.

Maybe he had a pile of cells laying around and didn’t factor the cost of those or something, but you are out of your gourd if you think you can get a build with the specs you want for $800.

DIY esk8 definitely allows you to get a board that matches your requirements better than a premade, but do not come into this expecting to save money. You won’t. Just accept that fact, or go buy a premade.

Realistically for a halfway decent board with the specs you want, here’s a ballpark figure of the reasonable minimum bost of all the components. You may be able to pinch some pennies here and there, but this is an estimate.
$140 - vescs
$60 - wheels
$50 - trucks
$120 - motors
$50 - deck
$50 - enclosure
$50 - remote
$80 - motor mounts, pulleys, belts
$30 - charger
$400 - battery (This is a deliberately lowball number. It’ll probably actually be significantly for such a large premade battery.)

That all comes out to $1000+, and that doesn’t include any tools, wire, fasteners, accessories, heatshrink, connectors, etc that you will Definitely need to complete the build. Like they said, $1200 is a conservative minimum. Especially if this is your first build, which means you will have to tool up, and will probably break some stuff and have to buy replacements.

Let me reiterate. DIY esk8 is NOT cheaper. If you want a good board, its gonna cost you a good chunk of change.


I’d suggest checking out torque boards for most of the stuff you will need. Dex sells good stuff at competitive prices. By the sound of it though you need to do a lot more research. I could suggest a deck that I love but you might hate. You tube and the forum search button are your best friend. I’m kinda lazy right now but I’m sure someone might write down a build for you.

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Yep this is exactly what I was trying to get at


Feel free to correct my numbers, any of you that have already build at least one board. It’s been quite a while for me, so they may be off by a little.

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I think you’re pretty spot on there for estimates - some are probably a little low but $1200 conservative minimum is probably alright. There’s some places that you would need to cheap to get there though

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