Noob question thread! 2020_Summer

You can get some 3d printed inserts similar to what @Saturn_Corp did here "Trail Blazer" My Trampa / MBS Hybrid ATB

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The idler is actually aluminum. It’s interesting hearing this because a lot of my parts have been mistaken for plastic, especially because of the sandblasted finish :sweat_smile:


If you flick the idler with your finger you can tell it’s metal, but the finish is reminiscent of plastic

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I can print out those inserts and some wings if you want!


The ender 3 seems to be the go-to starter printer. The CR-6 is the new kid on the block with some nice new features, but a correspondingly higher pricetag.

The Prusa printers are very good too, but you’re paying a lot extra for the ongoing development and supporting the Prusa team.

Other than that, it’s all a matter of finding a printer that does all the things you want to do.
Need direct drive? Or an all-metal hot end? Or automatic bed leveling? All those options will constrain your choices to some extent.


Sure, try these and tweak as needed


Battery max: 25A to start; raise to 60A - 100A later once you test things
Battery max regen: -35A
Motor max: 80A
Motor min: -60A

Fault Stop Time: 80ms
Duty Cycle Current Limit Start: 85%

Control Type: Current Hyst Reverse With Brake
to start, once you are expert, try out “Current”

for others reading this, that’s just for Unity ESC


What is the technical name for the belts we use? Trying to find thethem on vbeltguys but there are so many kinds.

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“HTD5M synchronous timing belts”

@Jujo That would be awesome!!!

Sweet thanks

Oh thanks I had things alot higher
Battery max 120a
Battery max regen -60a
Motor max 60a
Motor min -60a

You’ve gotta be careful with those settings! I blew up a battery cranking settings up not knowing it could be harmful to the system.

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I haven’t taken it for a ride yet its been raining so I’m going to turn it down

Yah really depends on how big of a rider and how much stuff you have on you if fully loaded up with stuff in backpack and carrying things I notice the difference in acceleration but I use 40A on single motor setup and -30A for braking since I don’t want it to yank me off the board one way or another and only weigh like 130lbs wet. Also nice if using metr or other bluetooth that lets you set and switch modes to let newbs try vs when you’re feeling risky and are geared up to do top speed and acceleration testing :smiley:

what deck is this?

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Might be a Jet Spud

edit: yeah, I really think it is


Jet spud with G bomb brackets on Kahua trucks and bergs on Avio Mk1/mk2 gear drives :sunglasses:


thanks. are enclosures easy to find for this - and know anything about battery space, as in how large can you go?

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Oh boy, are you in luck.

Check this out from @eBoosted

Only problem is finding the deck :rofl:


12s6p of 18650 according to Alan’s website

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