Noob question thread! 2020_Summer

Both of those things you just described, 100%, yes

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Noob here!

Was wondering if someone with experience could share some suggestions to VESC tool settings.
I am running
Two 6374 190KV 85A motors
A 10s3 30Q Lipo with a BMS which is described as ( 10S/13S/30A/50A Lipo Battery BMS System - Cells in series : 10- Discharge Current : 30-60A)
Flipsky Dual FSESC4.20 ESC 50A continuous single/100A continuous dual

If someone has any idea what settings I should run that would be helpfull!

Are you discharging through the BMS or around it?

Hello, it’s me again with a maybe stupid, rather theoretical question about mountainboards:

If I get an electric mountainboard, if I use a wedged riser to get the front trucks to be at an 45° angle, is there anything I can do on the front axle to make the board even more “turny”?

I am pretty sure I am discharging around it

I would start with:

motor max: 85A per motor
motor min: -65A per motor
battery max: 24A per ESC
battery min: -13.5A per ESC
ESC cutoffs:

Make sure “Duty Cycle Maximum” is 95% and “Duty Cycle Current Limit Start” is 85% to 90%

And don’t believe these numbers unless you want broken stuff: (these refer to battery currents)

Thanks man, I will try this out! In the VESC tool I presume I will have to just set 48A and -27A as will detect both the ESC’s?

You’ll probably need to do each one separately. If using CANBUS you can select in the bottom left which ESC you are working on.

What is a DRV fault?

JST-PH at both ends. 4P at DAVEGA side and 7P or 8P at VESC side.

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seriously. Laziest DIY’er ever

Some of the stuff being complained about puts Shua on a high pedestal of skill


Ha, I did say you had to solder the V wire to the positive side of the battery earlier, but that comment was flagged. Kinda gay. The remote works with the 3 wires though. But you need to solder the v wire for the battery.

Edit: I wonder who was the sensitive retard that fagged it…

DRV chip is having issues. I’m not sure if it means it’s fried. But I’ve seen that error here many times.

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If you get the dedicated board made for a mountain board, you’ll have the turning angle you need. I think the best angle would be 35° if I’m not mistaken. I’m not sure if 45° would be better.

Ah ok, it’s with their upgraded controller. I thought you were saying that the stock ESC on the BBSHD was VESC tool compatible, and I got really excited haha.

Thanks for the info anyway!

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I’m confused about the fuse and switch here. The lights need 5V @ 1A or less. What Should the fuse/switch be rated at?

fuse 58V 5A
switch 100V 10A
…would be a starting point. What switch? Why not connect it to the ESC power input from the antispark switch?

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how do you mean? a simple switch to power the lights off/on

Whatever is turning the ESC on and off, use the same thing to turn the buck converter on and off.

I also sometimes put an XT30 (non-antispark) loopkey on for a “stealth mode”. So if I pull out that switch, it will turn off the lights for inconspicuous or battery extension reasons. But without that pulled, it will turn on and off with the ESC.

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so connect the buck to the xt90 of the Unity?