Noob question thread! 2020_Summer

I have:
16/36 gearing (2.250)
Maker-x dv4
Motor 55 (110 total)/ -50 (-100)
Battery 25 (50)/ -15 (-30)
Battery is limited because 3p and too much punch limits my range. Raising the total by 6 amps reduces capacity by 700mAh out of 9000.
Brakes are weeaaaak at speed :frowning: need 4p before i do manage to kill myself in traffic
With 83mm wheels the throttle is unmanageable. Way too much for any circumstance. If i was any lighter than 80kg i would burnout.
With 100mm the throttle is just enough to surprise any car waiting behind me at a stop light and reach 40-50km/hr rather fast.
You need to mirror most jst plugs before connecting them buut… it works. I changed nothing inside my enclosure in 700km

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centre post

The only dumd question is the unasked one.

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I’ve never seen any esk8 equipment wired for negative center, but it could happen.

Put a fuse on your charge port, always


Better low speed braking, better heat capacity/dissipation potential, better power potential with bigger batteries.
I see some metr logs with 70/80km/hr around here and i can’t wrap my head around that honestly.
Also, moar flex potential, duuh

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i had an old charger that had a negative center pole but it wasn’t for esk8

I would try to get a fiberglass enclosure if possible. ABS is kinda shitty and breaks really easily, especially with a lot of cells inside.

Check out @eBoosted @BigBen @glyphiks and

Or you could get an ABS enclosure, fit it, then use it for a fiberglass mold. Not sure if anyone has done that. Anyone have any reason that wouldn’t work?


5.7cm that will be pretty fat
do you have enough clearance for that
also the enclosure will be very wide since your batteries are pretty wide

i also have to know the concave could you try and measure it?

Same, why did my post get flagged then?

I don’t know; I didn’t flag any posts

You should get a message if the post was flagged; you can ask in there


Ah cool, thanks for this!
The esc they’ve got is the SV4 not dv4 as you have. If i wanted to improve the breaking would getting a vesc6 help? The battery config really depend on whowmuch my enclosure will fit. Im thinking of a double stack, in which case it would be 12s4p…but that may be optimistic and its likley ill go for 3p like you

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I put a spot for taping in a filter and using carbon filter made for soldering fan in there for now it’s not going to stop water from flowing in but I figured I can just swap back to the sealed case for winter time and just try to avoid deep puddles in the summer and have the filter in there in case I have to deal with a little rain.

Also I use silicone conformal coating on the pcbs in there for the most part so a little splash shouldn’t cause any harm even if it did get inside.

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Is this the nail polish like stuff that kind of waterproofs your electronics?

Yup @b264 has some write ups about it but is basically just clear coat that adds layer of rubber over all the electronics I left the mosfets mostly bare of it but basically paint it on like nail polish let dry for like 20min then give a second or third coat, can check where it got with a UV light to make sure all the contacts or metal parts that could rust or short get covered.

Some stuff you can solder through other stuff varies in different ways.

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If using that stuff too just do it in a well ventilated area or outside the fumes seem pretty nasty on the plus side it dries pretty fast.

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I actually now prefer the MG Chemicals #419D for electronics and MG Chemicals #4223 for big wires and connectors

and MG Chemicals #4228 for motors unless they’re getting the better battle-hardening treatment


17 bucks a good price?

the MG Chemicals #4223 is liquid tape i assume?

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What does happen if there’s splash water in the motor and what does happen if there’s much water inside?
I had splash water inside, and it worked flawlessly, and spit the water out when driving like a shaking dog…

Too much water results in shorts between the coils?

Edit: Google says the water isnt a problem for electric stuff that happens inside the motor, but the bearing will suffer corrosion if you don’t relubricate it.
Is that true?

Hi everyone, this is my first post!

I m making plans for my first board, should i post here or open a thread?

I m a mechanical designer with a 3d printer and access to laser cut, I m also lucky to have friendly collegues that could help on making a li-on battery

My plan is to start with a single motor belt build, with a 3d printed enclosure on a cheap longboard i already have, then upgrade to dual motor on a homemade deck if i like the hobby and want to spend more.

I wanted to stay on the cheap side so at first i landed on Flipsky website, but after reading many horror stories i m not sure, i may be more inclined to buy motor and esc from Maytech.

I was thinking to go 6374, FSESC 6.6 or MTSUPERFOC6.8 , 12s2p, VX1 remote, homemade laser-cut motor mount.

Any advice?
Ps:I already have a full helmet and pads :stuck_out_tongue:


This is the place for questions, but we have another thread dedicated to introducing yourself and sharing your plans: