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Noob question thread! 2020_Summer

It makes nearly no difference, I always do motor detection with board flip upside down and no wheels


Yeah :arrow_up:

My experience is that it makes zero difference whether the belt is on or not, or whether there are wheels attached, or if it’s just a motor shaft spinning by itself.


That’s good to hear because I’m a dumbass, and even though it warns me, I always havesomething in the way that gets shot across the room by the wheels :rofl:

Can you use regular barrel/cone bushings on TKP trucks?

This depends entirely on what trucks and what bushings you are trying to put together. We need more details to be able to answer this.

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I’m considerng the forthcoming Maker-X trucks, which look very similar to Surf-Rodz TKP. The bushing are the Riptide KranK ones. I guess id have to ask Maker-X themselves since they arent released yet

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Yep, correct. They could be using a non-standard bushing seat. We just dont know.

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I would wait for the axle length situation to get sorted out first unless you have a rock-solid pulley solution that doesn’t need a bearing on the axle, and doesn’t involve any wheels wider than a normal skate core. And bolt-on pulleys on polyurethane wheels suck real bad too.


I think I’ll only be getting them if they are compatible the BN geardrive adapter. They planned an April release, but after all the notes you guys gave them I wonder whether they’ll have to go back to the drawing board. Though in China at least production is super fast


This ring is not supposed to be loose, right? I noticed a noise and pulled this apart. No noise if the ring is not touching the can. I think I will give battle hardening a go.

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Nope, that’s the Magnet retaining ring and is not supposed to be separated from the can.

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Thanks. Time for some epoxy.

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Also make sure the can doesn’t snap back into place. It looks dangerously close to doing it.


Oh torqueboards. First your remote, then the battery and now this. I’m sure he will respond to this…


So, my build is basically ready but for the truck bolts :grimacing: I noticed I only have M5 bolts…

I wanted countersunk at the back and cylinder at the front, both with hex slot. I cannot find this in the normal skateboard bolt offering.

What is the non-metric norm of these bolts, what should I search for?

10-32 and m5 are very similar.

I wouldn’t limit myself to skateboard shops for fasteners if I were you. Any good hardware supplier (Bolt Depot and McMaster here in the US, for example) will have all the sizes and types you need.

The names I would search for are “socket flat head” (or “socket countersunk”), and “socket cap head” bolts/screws, respectively.

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Use 'em. Fuck Imperial hardware. On my first few builds, the only imperial stuff were axle and kingpin bolts. Now that I am on Hypertrucks, I am 100% metric. Its so nice.


10-32 x 2" button head socket cap screws, grade 8 alloy steel

For example, part number 842176122908 (2") or 842176122885 (2.5")

and the nuts you need 10-32 nylock nuts like part 842176193908


Awesome guys, thanks.

How much axle length do TB110s need? (for just the wheel) is it the standard size? (correct me if im wrong, but i think this is 24mm?)