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no talk about the trampa massive monster boxes yet?

so some of you know I kind of wrecked my bioboard already, support was very diligent to send me a motor and 3dservisas will one day answer to how I get the geardrived fixed so they don’t become loose again, in the meantime I realized I need something more offroad-capable, and my choice is going towards a massive trampa setup.

batteries have been a nuisance, and if a few cells decide to die faster than others, you are stuck with a brick (or does anyone of you service already wrapped up battery packs if single cells fail?) so the guys at trampa did something that I really like, being an almost religious fan of everything decentalized and modular, not just in ESK8, well they built a PCB based setup, that lets you swap failed or failing cells with a few quick turns of a power-tool. it’s the massive monster box which caught my eye.

has anyone of you already experienced this thing? does it hold up to all expectations? afaik there are no welds, just good old mechanical pressure (lots of screws) making sure the connection stay in place. I wonder if this holds up with the amount of abuse a mountainboard gets, anyone want to chime in?

then there is the other thing - double stacking! some of you might already know I like the idea of double stacking wheels, and will likely do this on my next board - but with the battery? hell yeah! it means 168x 21700 cells, I’d likely go for 40t as I really like them in my plut. if my math is not off, that’s a whopping 12s14p(!), and the website fails to even mention it as it puts it like that " 2x VESC HD-60Twin & 168x 21700 cells 12s7p = 70Ah" we all know newbies like me only look at the xSxP figures, and maybe total Wh - but anyways, does anyone have experience with the double stackers? are they too heavy to make riding enjoyable? what are the drawbacks of such a solution? are they maybe an obstacle in your foot-stance? they are 166mm high, which does not sound like too much, especially for a tall rider, is it? of should I just go with a single stack, or better even the old monster box (non massive) and a fully charged replacement pack in my backpack? I noticed a heavier board, even though it sports lots of raw power, tends to not be as agile as smaller ones, which is something I never considered when going board-shopping for my needs. I noticed this with my quad-plutonium, coming from a 8kg evolve gtx… the heavier the board, the less you have the sensation of riding it, the more it tilts towards this thing either shuttling you from point a to b, or worst case it ends up riding you, if you catch my drift :wink:

so can we stir up a little discussion on solution for trampa or trampa based mountainboard solutions? I’d personally need some in-depth feedback on all of the ideas, bigger battery vs smaller, modular battery vs extra battery in your backpack, 2wd with huge motors vs 4wd with smaller motors, you know, these sorts. btw I’d really like to do the double remote ting I mentioned in the past, have the front axle motors in my right hand (I ride goofy) and have the rear wheels remote in my left hand. this way I could jump over those pesky rain-drains in my area, by lifting up the front while giving extra throttle on the rear wheels, and do the opposite when landing and lifting up the rear wheels. I got particularly iffy about those rain-drains as they are likely what’s causing me lots of headaches on my plutonium rn, and since I have no straps on it, I always had to face them directly which impacted my axles and the geardrive mount a lot. (to the point I can’t get out the grub screws which are holding the geardrives to the axle anymore)

lots of text, sry 4 that and thanks for reading, so what do you think?

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There’s actually been a bit of talk about them recently.

Specifically regarding Trampa asking users to put them out of service until an unknown problem can be rectified.

There’s some discussions around.


hmm we were just talking about the safety issues that came up whatcha mean?

The Trampa / VESC battery systems


I would absolutely give the NESE modular battery system a hard look before i ever seriously considered Trampa’s unproven and expensive product.

If you want unlimited modularity, stacking, and Lego-level configuring you want NESE, not cell level fusing and a proprietary part ecosystem.

When Trampa puts their setup on a vibe table, I’ll pay more attention.


There’s also NESE modules. Little 3d prints you can throw cells in one by one and screw together to form a pack of whatever size and voltage you want.

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It’s nothing a bit of hot glue can’t fix


But not if you have the wand. Don’t want them hydrogen molecules messing with the signal.


wait that might interfere with the signal.

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I’m good. Cops will have shot me down before the glue kills me