No name yet | Haya HB 83 | Moon gear drives or Hummie hubs | 12s2p | Unity | Hoyt puck | TB 110

This is the second board I am building because my main hummie board is a little too big/heavy for what I need.

As of right now I have everything but the @moon gear drives but I am going to use the hummie hubs from my other board until I get them :smile:

I am going to hold off for a little bit before assembling this with the hubs because I plan on filming some riding clips to make a video on them to help @hummieee’s Kickstarter up in Tahoe.

I also bought an @alterbags maxi backpack for holding it while at school.

The battery is a 12s2p made of Sanyo NCR2070C with a continuous discharge of 60 amps and a capacity of 7 ah. I have had 2 batteries built from @hyperion1 and both are great and communication has been great.

I plan on doing light blue glass frit soon so I will update this when I do that.


Why did you only go for 12s2p

Just wondering why you didn’t go for a slightly larger pack


Maybe for weight? But yeah that’s kind of a small battery for a set of Hummies

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I have a 12s3p battery in my main hummie build and I only need to go about 4 miles tops so I didn’t really need the extra weight.

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K fair enough
Nice build though

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I have a little 10s2p 30T pack that I can just bang into any board because it’s such a great size and the amp delivery is more than enough to move me around and climb moderate hills (probably more if I wanted).

Versatile packs like this are excellent.


Alright a quick update,
I did the glass frit and it is drying at the moment, went with 3 colors and I really like the look,

I got a davega x raw which is going to go real nice with the silver on the haya…

I am just going to go with hummies on the haya and I might get bergs and use some at gear drives on my hummie

I am going to be down in LA with the board unless something happens on the 24 and hopefully I can join in on the skunk gang fun and I am going to be in San Diego on the 26th… can’t wait to use this and see the finished product!


What are your materials for fritting?

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I am using a urethane brush that I got at home depot, glossy water based spar urethane, and some medium glass frit that I got on esty…

The photo of the urethane isnt exactly what I used, same exact thing but gloss

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How did you go power switch wise?
Asking because i got my hands on a hb83 too for my next build and that’s the only point i’m still wondering about


I am probably going to do something similar to this…

I might make my own or just use this one


Just the switch+zip ties+silicone did the trick for me :wink:

It allows you to use genuine shockpads and not a solid riser.

Printing it in flexible TPU should work too


Where did you put it?
Straight out of the channel going under the board?

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Use one of the motor wire holes, then just sand down a small path for the wires into the riser and thats it

Another option is to drill a small hole into the baseplate (sorry for the potato image)


I Drilled a hole into the side of the deck so it sits flush against the side


I drilled a little hole with a dremel to the truck and made a little groove for the cables to sit in :slight_smile:

That’s one smooth solution. Your picture made me realise i didn’t think of the charging port either - __-

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That’s clean. Did you seal it somehow?

Your switch is on top of the board??

The one in the picture is the charging port, that same board does not have a power switch as I rely only on push-to-start. You could do it for the power button as well, just pass a couple more wires in case you want one with light.

My other board (hb83) does have a power button (front truck) and a charging port (rear truck).

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