Night Fury | Hummie Deck | 16s6p P45B

About time I made a build thread. This thread will be an account of my journey in revamping my previous Hummie build that I’ve had for a couple of months.

Original Hummie Build

  • Hummie Deck acquired from @eBoosted. He drilled out inserts and included hardware.
  • Hummie Big Boy DS Enclosure from @BigBen. These weren’t available (and still aren’t), so I asked Ben if he could custom-make one, and he graciously accepted. Without this enclosure, my ambitions for a large battery would be null.
  • 12s7p p42a battery. There aren’t many builders down here in New Zealand, but I got the legend Nick Vertue to build mine, and he delivered with an insanely well-made battery.
  • Stormcore 60D+ | 6374 170kv Maytechs | VX4 Remote
  • Onsra TKP Trucks | 6” HOTA Wheels | 47T Pulley 18T Motor

This build was a fun one, especially as a first DIY build. Could hit 63km/h and with my riding style, got around 80km of range on a charge. The aim for this one was to make it appear as a slim, evolve look-alike on the outside, but to have the internals of a quality mid-high end board in terms of power and range, hence the board name.

8 months later I’m itching for upgrades as i’ve realised that the is great when it comes to range, but severely lacks in torque due to the gearing. Unfortunately increasing torque would come at the cost of losing my 60kmh+ speed with 6" ATs, and after having tested multiple motor kvs encountering ESC ERPM limits, i concluded that fully revamping the build would be a more fun (and expensive) option.

Hummie Build Revamp

This revamp is going to be my attempt to jam-pack this deck with the most amount of power that its dimensions can handle. This might require me to modify the deck/trucks/enclosure, but I’m up for it.

  • 16s6p p42a battery. This build is on the horizon, just need to wait for the delivery of cells and BMS, materials. I may need to route out the deck a bit more to fit this and the ESC.
  • SKP Solo Dual w/metr pro.Going to externally mount the heatsink; wish me luck. Will be a tight fit.
  • 6485 173kv Motors. Will be getting these with 10mm shaft and straight from the supplier, so I’ll need to cut the shaft.
  • Newbee 4GS Gear Drives. The 11/44 version. Looking forward to the quiet sound and smoothness of the board from these.
  • 3D Servisas Fatboy 3.75" CNC Hubs. These will go well with the 6" HOTAs and keep the profile of the board ‘slim’.
  • Trucks will be a mix of Onsra TKP, which has a 3DS hanger profile for the Newbee Drives, then Flipsky 15.2" DKP at the front for some more flexible turning. They are the same height so it’s perfect, I may need to shave down the axle lengths though.

More to come as parts arrive and progress is made :slight_smile:

PS Does anyone know how I can group up the photos into that dropdown menu thing? Would help make the thread get less cluttered.


Nice build mate but how in the hell are you going to fit a 16s6p?

I just finished a 14s6p build for my hummie ds and there is 0 way to fit 2 more p groups

And this ABSolutely will not fit in there with it. I think you’re underestimating how huge 4 extra p groups and the Solo is haha

I will be gobsmacked if you come close to fitting any of your upgrades in there tbh

Ironically I’m also using Onsra TKP lol how do you like em?


I’ve done a whole lot of measurements comparing the layout of cells from both my previous 12s7p battery and whether 16s6p could fit, and it seems I can juuuust about fit 16s6p in the cutout. I asked hummie whether i can route out the deck further and he said about 10mm from each top and bottom end theoretically shouldn’t absolutely destroy the boards integrity. I’m going to play it safe and probably only route a tiny bit. I’m a light rider which may lessen the risks. If you have pictures of your battery in there I’d love to see to get a reference for space.

For the SKP Dual, Skyart’s dimensions for them were 140mmx 85mm x 33mm. The inner diameter for my enclosure is 160mm. The height allows me to just about fit it into the cutout, but with further routing and laminating it will fit with ease. Honestly this revamp is veeeery ambitious. I remember people telling me the Hummie deck + DS enclosure could only fit 12s5p or 12s6p of 21700 at most, and I ended up fitting 12s7p with room for an airtag, and a buck converter. If there really is no space, top mounting esc can be an option.

Also, loving the TKPs, they give the board a bit of every characteristic from other truck types.


Top mounting escs make maintenance and fw updates etc so much easier. Granted it doesnt look as sleek but functionality is great.


Firmware updates over bluetooth are just as safe (if not safer) than using a cable.

I’m not a vesc expert but vesc wizard homies explained to me that you don’t need to be scared of bluetooth firmware updates because nothing gets messed up until everything is loaded.


After it’s loaded is when it gets messed up.

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Lol I swear that made sense in my head when I typed it out.

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It does make sense

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Bluetooth or death. If you need to use a cord, you’re doing it wrong

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Lol fuck Bluetooth fuck it all the way to giving up and riding a Hobbywing pre-built if Bluetooth was my only option

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Haha see my fire sale last year

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Haha yeah what happened to convert you back to Bluetooth? Is it just a maker X thing?

I never converted away from bluetooth, i just had a little hissy fit :rofl:

I wouldn’t accept a build that I couldn’t use bluetooth on

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Maybe it was my pixel phone or something but you lose count how many people encounter the same issues with it.

Fwiw, the bluetooth modules built into the solos have been perfect with 6.02

Once I pop down the enclosure on this build, it’ll be so compact in there that opening it up for maintenance or changes will be a pain.Bluetooth will be my only option for updates or vesc changes. I used Bluetooth exclusively on the stormcore on the original build, so hopefully it’ll be seamless as well on the solos.

Correct me if I’m wrong but I may have read somewhere on the forum that the Solos had a similar build to the Stormcore?

Not really. The stormcores are a single mcu dual controller, the solos are just single controllers.

Maybe the newer stormcores are also DRV-less like the solos? Not sure. Somebody smarter will chime in for sure.

The nice thing about the solos is that they each have their own bluetooth, so if CAN is being fucky, you can still just connect to the other bluetooth


The dx is but it also blew up on a ton of people so I don’t think anyone trusts them yet

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Don’t lunch box this unless you must. Resist any temptation to route out any more wood, the sound of cracking ply will haunt you forever.

It looks great. I think hummie is still selling these on eBay?

Hummie is selling his last batch or so. I could buy an extra deck off him just in case the deck splits, but I have my hopes. If I switch up the battery layout for the last 2 groups of cells, the original cutout can support the battery + bms and solo dual. I’ll have to relocate the power + charging ports on the enclosure and shorten the battery leads.

Update on the build coming soon, waiting for cells, esc and gear drives to arrive.