Newbee RTKP truck tuning and feedback thread

I swapped my bushings, tried out 93a krank tall barrel road side, and 95a APS tall fatcones board side. Also pumped up my tires.

Wobbles: gone
Stability: hell yes
Turning radius: worse, because the cones limit the movement I think. I have barrels I can try swapping to if I find that I need more.

Forgot to record but I was RIPPING IT. Hit 47kmh without worries. Felt very predictable, although I fell on my bum a few times trying to hit the narrowest turning circle :sweat_smile:

This is exactly what I was looking for for my MTB. My board feels complete now :smiley: :+1: :+1: :+1:


Did you run 2 93 krank on the board side too? if so I rekon use the slave kinpin bushing that slightly softer, so it can balance the turning and stability, leaning will feel more natural and comfortable.

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Just went out on first ride. They are indeed very wide :smile: it’s nice though they still felt fairly stable even though I had the back set-up way too loose. Running 2 fat cones board side and a barrel road side all <90a

I’ll be swapping that out cause it was too twitchy :rofl:


I’m liking the design, but think the seat for the bushing against the base plate should be a little wider. The chubby bushings overhang, reducing the effectiveness of the bushing.


Use a washer lol. I had space for that + tall bushings


Good idea, will try that.

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I’ve been riding my set for a bit now and feel like I have it pretty well tuned in for my weight (keep in mind i’m very light at 52kg/115lbs). Feels stable at low 30mph but still very carvy

I have the following set-up

Front board side
Venom Eliminator 87a (stepped fat barrel)
Venom Freeride 87a (stepped fat cone) → cone part is going into the truck for more lean [middle]

Front road side
Venom Freeride 87a (stepped fat cone) → cone part towards the road end for more bushing on the truck

Back board side
Venom Eliminator 87a (stepped fat barrel)
Venom Freeride 85a (stepped fat cone) → cone towards the truck [middle]

Back road side
Venom plug barrel 87a


What kind of turning radius would you say you’re able to achieve compared to other trucks?


Yeah I would also love to know. Running a set of pkps on my diy right now but these trucks seem like a better option for my use case.

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Probably like 4-5m, but I’d have to test if I really lean into it :grimacing:

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Wondering if anybody has had a chance to do any serious off-roading on these and compare them to PKPs like Apex Airs.


I’m hoping to in the coming months, like august-October will be when I get to do some testing done but I agree with wanting to hear some stuffs.

I just ordered a set that I’ll be putting on a Trampa deck and will be able to do some comparison against the Apex Airs on my Haero Bro deck.

So looks like at least one person (@rusins ?) has tried these on a deck with 35-degree tips? Just wondering if it was too much and felt like it needed to be dewedged.

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In the rear I would like a smaller angle for stability at speed perhaps, but I could just flip the baseplate to achieve that. Up front it’s perfect :slight_smile:

Doubt that would work all that well

I have a set that I will compare directly. Still working on what the best way to compare will be

It’s hard cuz they’re both so adjustable


I finally got my Jump Drive clamps modified for these trucks so I should be able to get them back onto my Trampa deck this week. I’ve been riding Matrix IIIs recently with white shockblocks all around and enjoying the much tighter turning than I could ever get on the Apex Airs so I’m hoping the RTKP will be in the same league.

I finally got a chance to try these trucks and I am very impressed. Initially I had a combination of 84A and 87A tall barrels (two bushings on front and three at the back) and they were really soft and I had to really crank them down. I’ve since switched to 87A and 90A. I didn’t try any jumping on them yet but they were great on tight off-road trails and fantastic on the street executing really tight hairpin turns. Still need to test a lot more and tinker with the setup but these are my favourite trucks right now after riding Apex Airs and Matrix 3s.