Newbee RTKP truck tuning and feedback thread

Share your feedback + bushing recommendations for these trucks in this thread!

Link where to buy / see some videos of them in action:


I received mine a couple of days ago. I wonder if I need to add threadlocker to the bolt that holds the middle pin in place? Also I’m disappointed in the axles being shoulder-bolts instead of having a threaded end for lock-nuts :confused: I wonder if I can buy replacement axles from Moon or Apex that will work


I had the same opinion on the axle and I did mention this to Ethan. Not sure if this will change though. I feel like this might make it much harder to swap a tire or whatever but we’ll see. This does make me unsure a to whether to put loctite on the axles. Normally I would, but with these I guess I wouldn’t?

I suppose they might be the same thread, though I don’t have any other 12mm axles lying around to test


Exactly! Tire changes become a nightmare if you have to heat the hanger up to liquify threadlocker holding the axle. Another option is to use wheel hubs where you can change the tire without unbolting the wheel from the axle, like MBS’s new hubs.


I have a set here, need to unpack and start testing.

Looking forward to trying them out.

Pavel has a video review

I also have some extended axles from Mbs, I wonder if they will fit?


They might, the thread on the mbs axles looks a little finer than on the newbee ones but you can check, would be good to know also how much axle we get with the mbs ones

Mbs use m14 fine fine thread

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I actually already have them installed on one of my boards. I’m interested to hear your guys’ installation experience. Wasn’t fully painless on my end.


Another batch coming soon?

How exactly?


Mbs won’t fit for obvious reasons,


Had some issues with one of the axles which wouldn’t come out anymore
also the apex clamps are pretty tight, you gotta really hammer those on; at least in my case

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maybe @Boardnamics can make some 12mm axles :wink:


Just putting them together now, first impressions, they are very wide.


Couple findings from my side:

  1. The middle kingpin bolt has no threadlocker on it. I recommend adding some.
  2. The hangers are not compatible with caliber baseplates
  3. Due to the axle being nearly in the middle of the bolt holes, you could actually mount these trucks in reverse for a lower angle! Should make for a great split-angle setup on MTB/carver decks that won’t look akward :slight_smile:
  4. Remember to take out the grub screws when installing the axles!

We have the bushing recommendation on the product page,

For me, im weighted 65kg

Front 2*84a tall barrel,and an 75a tall barrel on middle

Back 2*96 tall chubby and an 84 tall barrel on middle

That’s the set up i do jumping and speeding


The middle kinpin was designed insert it by reverse, but we noticed after…the baseplate kinpin holes won’t last that long as longer people changing bushings, the tolerance of the hole get biger…

We will fix the axles as well, original ideas of the shoulder bolts is people can get replacement in local, and they could choose different length.

But yeah, i will offer some replacement axles for pre-production rider lately.


Some tolerance of the old clamp i didn’t notice…but it all will be fixed in the production batch.

Went out on a ride, only swapped the front truck to Newbee. (Running Apex Air in the rear)

My impressions:

  • Yes, the trucks are really wide! Amazing for running 9" wheels. I even put spacers on the outside of the wheel to make them a bit narrower and match my Apex trucks.
  • Less binding and toe-bite compared to Moon RKP trucks.
  • They feel… very turney! I think I’d want a lower angle at the front for a bit more stability, but tbh this is a mountainboard and I was still able to hit my top speed (46km/h) without dying, so I think I’ll leave them as is. They do feel a bit sketchy compared to when I had the Luna RKP at the front. Maybe it’s the tall bushings? :person_shrugging:
  • You can see in the video at the 2:25 mark that the front truck likes to wobble a little… Not sure if my wheels are inbalanced / too soft and that’s what causing it, or if it’s the truck. I’m currently running 93a Krank tall barrels in the front, I will try to swap the boardside barrel to a softer one and add a barrel on the extra king-pin as well for more cushioning on off-road conditions. Will report back on how that changes the ride feel.

Edit: different bushings and pumping up my tires fixed the wobbles.


2 bushings only good for carving around, but if you add additional bushings, it will feel totally different.

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I’m on PKPs and looking to switch the front one as well, so curious how these go for you.
Did you have the front at 30 or 35 degrees before? Turn radius better now?

I have a feeling APS formula will work much better than Krank here.

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