New Zealand Builders

Looking to start a Kiwi builders thread to share suppliers and shipping tips that don’t require selling the farm.


Why not a whatsapp/telegram/discord group?

@KrakenE hey bro!


Hey boys :call_me_hand:

Yeah shipping costs into NZ are stupid
Even splitting them between a few might be a help for some things.

Recent example Metroboard tires $99usd for 4, quoted $77 usd shipping :man_facepalming: Or $120usd for shipping two sets… :exploding_head:


That kind of shit…

“Sorry to say but unfortunately shipping costs to your country has increased due to COVID-19.
You’ve paid a total of $60 in shipping. It will cost $183.30 to ship this item to you.
You would need to pay an additional $123.30 for us to ship this order to you.”

Yeah, right!

On the flip side, that’s a good incentive to be creative with what we have, repurpose, recycle, involve the local manufacturers, etc… Like the Number 8 wire mentality of the past generation, some great things can come out of that.


Try this I’ve used them many times they even repack and consolidate.

Kiwi here. Getting cheap, quality batteries is a SOAB

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Locally, I have bought 30qs from VapingKiwi and also If you hit them up by email, can get a wholesale rate (but still expensive :man_facepalming:).

What are we talking 5-8$ a battery?

Yeah, including GST and courier delivery, worked out to $9.10/cell for my last battery. ($7.10/cell ex GST)

Yep over here now as “other” forum good mainly for archived posts. Stuff Im working on is plastic and ally cnc component wheels. Will look to have them at 50mm and 75mm width. Other bits similar to what @stooge is doing and maybe some enclosures. Some groupies for 18650’s might be well worth the effort as Kiwi Quads will do deals for 50’s and 100’s. Im looking soon to do a 12s3p or 10s4p havn’t decided. Would be good for any other builders guys wanting packs to group buy.

Thanks. Do they do Kiwiland?

Yeah was looking at Trampa Gummies 17Pounds Sterling (36NZD) and close to $50 to ship.

I can get 30qs for NZD$6.40+GST wholesale (min 50)

@KrakenE, from where my good sir?

Kiwiquads. Got a hookup from mate in the 'Church who is a very smart dude building EDirtrsurfers.

yes, I’m in queenstown and ordered from a few different locations in US then shipped to and they consolidate and ship to most countries in the world to decent prices

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Damn. I’m gonna contact you latter in the year and get on that deal if possible. Gotta make a 10s5p for my trampa as the current battery is on the way out. Just waiting on smart BMS and other stuff to arrive.

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Absolutely gutted, took out my first build yesterday and went for about 5km. Came home and went to recharge my 10s and fried my FSESC 4.12 AND remote VX1 receiver. How did I do this- yep Im a dumbass and rushed the build. Didnt have the charge port mounted or insulated and ZAP shorted out - yes smoke and loud crack noise - so in the market if anyone has a VX1 remote reciever and FSESC 4.12. Ill probably go and order from FS anyway as I was still on the route to building a dual setup. Interesting to note that even the single i was impressed with the speed and tourque.

Bro- I think I have a receiver for you

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