New version 84V/200A VESC motherboard, using INA241! testing!Provide schematic diagram

I find it a little worrying after ordering mine March 8th I will receive one without these improvements/fixes

Interesting to read, but drive fets have no part number, I guess 100v rated?

Its finally arrived!

I’m happy with what I’m seeing but the lack of mounting ears to bolt it down are annoying.

Why is r56 not fitted?

I was intrigued to see what MOSFETs are used but can’t get a good camera angle.

Can’t wait to connect to a wheel and see it working…

Recomend staying away from these. One of them blew a capacitor 1st day of testing 2 of them connected in parallel same battery same power supply talking through can bus. 2nd one 3rd week blew the eg3112 with the mosfets

Here is onenof the blown mosfet i was only tunning 40 amps through these

Oh what with the other pcb issues above its not looking good, we only have a ‘small sample size’ to base an opinion on and this is only a ‘revision A’ scenario for this controller so I’m keeping the faith a little longer.

What voltage where you running?

any idea of the part number of that mosfet

I was running 15s battery my maximun current was set to 100a was running 47 phase amps. I ordered the gate driver and new mosfets to see if its repairable. The logic still works can still talk to it though bluetooth.

Here is tthe mosfet p/n. I was accelerating when this happened. It blew a 600 amp fuse it surprised me


oh yes when mosfets short huge current flows, i’m running 80a fuses for testing and my bms is set to 80 too. i’ll order some spares…

new problem…

finally off the bench and on the street, pulled away slowly all good, decided to try a little faster, and yes a little faster…a very little…

vesc app shows 70-90 amps, watts shows 5-600, battery is about 75v…even the math doesnt work… its like 10x reality on amps, but the watts is true.

Bms app shows about 7a, and 500w which I trust to be right, performance doesnt even match acceleration to the 350w folding bike I have but I guess this is 3-4x as heavy.

20s/84v pack, mxus 3k turbo

on the mxus 3k turbo you can do a lot more. I push mine to 10kw 220A motor amps.

Vesc app show motor current, not battery current. Also, an mxus 3k will be a dog at that low amperage. 200-300a is where they shine

I’m sorry for not replying to your questions for so long, because as I said above, I need to perfect the circuit of the 84200HP and I have been busy with this work.
When I come back this time, I will reply to your questions and upload new schematics.

MKSESC 84200HP_002 Schematic.pdf (253.7 KB)

The model number of the field effect transistor is HYG015N10NS1TA. I have attached the specification sheet, please check it:
2203031730_HUAYI-HYG015N10NS1TA_C2979263.pdf (453.4 KB)

Hello, if the phase current is only 47A, the 84200HP can easily control it. The field effect transistor is the model HYG015N10NS1TA you have, 100V/380A.

I see signs of burnout in the gate driver? Is this a humid environment? If the environment is too humid, additional waterproofing treatment is required. The 84200HP does not have waterproofing treatment.

There is another issue that needs attention, which is very important, because it is the most common problem so far: please be sure to correctly configure the braking current and battery reverse current. These two parameters need to be determined according to the battery energy recovery performance. If If the configuration is too large and the current cannot be absorbed by the battery, it will easily break down the field effect transistor. If you use a switching power supply, it cannot handle the reverse current. Please be sure to configure the reverse current to 0.

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