New to DIY, looking for parts check

Hey guys,

A little bit of background : I’ve been a boosted V2+ rider for 2 years now and recently bought a Onewheel+ XR and discovered the wonders of offroading, so I wanted to take it up a notch.

I put together this parts list from what I could find worked best for me. I’m looking for good range with decent max speed.

I’m confortable with building the battery myself. But I’m not very experienced with all the parts and compatibility.
I may also add that I live in France so I chose european suppliers as much as I could.

This build has been very influenced by @Rinze (thank you for your answers), the picture in the spredsheet is from his build.

I would appreciate any advice.

Thanks in advance !


only real problem is change up the drive train as it is to little power

also you might want to change vesc to non flipsky if you have the money

The charger you have in the spreadsheet is for 10S not 12S, you want one that has a charge voltage of 50.4V for 12S



Those motors are pretty weak. They can only handle about 35A continous per motor. I would switch out those to some that can handle more current, since your 12s8p can push out almost 160A

Thanks ! would you recommend something like a pair of 6384 ?

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It is not about the size, but more about the current.

These motor can handle almost twice the current of the ones you linked in the kit:

35A x 2 = 70 70 x 37 = 2590watts

65A x 2 = 130 130 x 35 = 4810watts

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there are also a couple prebuilt drive trains out there

also @BbsMentos what sort of budget do you have

the drive tarin needs changing and the vescs you could do better

Budget Is around 1500€ max, I’m not looking for huge speed, something around 25mph would be plenty for the use of this board, do you have any links to prebuilt drive trains and vesc you would recommend ?

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for vescs i would look into the neobox thread

or you could look for some used focboxes which are around 130$ each used

for the drivetrain the prebuilts are more expensive then your bugdget but i can show you the sort of drive tarin that is good for your budget if you give me 5 min

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@BbsMentos you could do the torqueboards kit with AT trucks comes to around $450

i will show you another one in a minute



and then for wheels either aliexpress 6x2 or i have some 8x2 maytech off road wheels i could sell you

and for wheel pulley 3d printed

You would recommend a newcomer an untested and unreleased product? :thinking:

Focboxes are tried and true, unitys are working well but have questionable future support, vesc6 is solid but expensive, or take a gamble on flipsky’s QC.

Or just wait a bit and see how the slew of new escs coming out this spring/summer perform.


Also I really like the dead man trigger on the boosted remote but I can’t seem to find a DIY remote with this feature, does such a thing exist ?

If you wanna do some real offroading (more than what your XR can do) then you will definitely want a top mount enclosure. This will make sure you dont have to worry about big rocks, treeroots or dirt screwing up you enclosure and possibly your electronics. Plus if you want to do some jumps you definitely need a top mount enclosure.

Since you like products like a boosted board and XR I would suggest not to save money on cheap parts. You will very likely end up replacing the cheap parts sooner or later, especially if you like the hobby.
Maybe get a full infinity setup board from trampa (including trucks wheels and bindings). Then get a @IDEA drive system, they are very affordable and good quality. Get some hobbyking sk8 motors since they are decent quality for the price.

For the VESC I would advice you not to choose flipsky since they are not really reliable. Keep your eyes open for some second hand focboxes or unity, especially with new vescs from rideneo coming out there will probably be some second hand for sale soon.

I build my mountainboard (version 1) for 1500 euros, mainly this affordable by getting some good deals on secondhand parts on this forum.

Good luck!


This is so true. If you don’t have a top mount battery, you don’t have a mountain board IMO

Check out PVC junction boxes and pelican cases for some inspiration.

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What do you use to secure the box to the board ?

Threaded wood inserts like this

I then put fat rubber washers under the box for vibration and water resistance

So this will work eventhough the Trampa deck is not made out of wood ?

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Yeah, I might go with coarse threaded inserts for a composite deck. @Andy87 @taz what did you use?