new Samsung INR21700-40T3 4000mAh - 50A

the new Samsung INR21700-40T3 is rated fot 50A continuous, what you guys think? they gonna replace the molicel p42a?
preorder here NKON | Samsung INR21700-40T3 4000mAh - 50A - 21700 & 20700 - Li-ion - Rechargeable batteries

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I’m pretty sure these are what I have used in my current build going off what you said qith the number 3 on the wrap and fire hazard I just thought they were regular 40t

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Nkon seems to be using a “max” current rating from a technical presentation that is clearly labeled “under consideration” (not yet accepted as the rating).

The 50A rating is also clearly labeled as being “current limited”. That is, you could run it at this level, if it’s accepted, but only until the cell reaches 80°C.

You might be thinking “no problem”, that’s hot as hell and I never do that with my cells. But it means that the 50A rating is not the true continuous rating and cannot be used to compare against any other cell’s true rating.

In my opinion it’s also a discharge current level that will speed up aging of the cell and result in terrible performance as the voltage sag will be huge.

Any cell can have a crazy high temperature-limited rating depending on how much performance and cycle life the manufacturer is willing to give up.

Bottom line?…it’s still just a 40T. This means it’s a good cell but it’s not a 50A cell. A huge increase in performance like that would result in a new cell model number IMO. :slightly_smiling_face:

Check my test report for more details about the 40T3.