New Olders Vs. TSG Pass for big head

All right kids.

On the helmet kick again…

I am thinking of ordering a New Olders.

Anyone here have specific experience with both TSG Pass and New Olders.

I have an XL Pass. I like it, I am able to wear it, but it is pretty tight.

and I am afraid if I have a hard fall it will bust my lips because they are super close to the shell.

My head is 61cm .

Is the XL New Olders in fact roomier than the Pass?

are there any other enclosed options for the large headed?

For a full face in the summer I use a Fox ProFrame and really like it.

but it is nice to have the enclosed helmet for cooler weather.



don’t have direct experience as I don’t own a new olders helmet, I use either a TSG Pro Pass - XL too (big head club!) or my Bell Moto 3 now on my bike.

however, I have friends with both the new olders or the TSG and I can tell there isn’t much more room in the front comparatively. I would say there is slightly more on the NO.

That being said I think if you really are looking for more room you are going to have to go with a MTB helmet with all the air holes. I would check out POC they have some nice looking options that aren’t as hole ridden. Triple 8 Racers and other DH sk8 stuff are smaller chinned/even less coverage than a TSG pro from what I’ve seen.


I can check a buddies new olders. He has xl, and I have xl pass. I believe it’s slightly more roomy. I may not have a chance for a week or so though.

I’m 61.5 and pass is a bit tight, but hoping it breaks in a bit.


yeah dude. the Fox Proframe has all kinds of room.
Oddly enough I think the field of vision, looking down at leas is better on the pass.

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I would appreciate that.


I’ve noticed this too on MTB helmets - the TSG felid of vison is second to none of any full face I’ve tried on or used.


I think @okp would be the man who has owned both of these helmets.
I’m not sure he has a big head. In fact I think he’s quite modest. :grin:


Calling @DerelictRobot and @SeanHacker as they are the only two people I know who have used a New Olders.


can confirm Cedric is one of the nicest esk8er’s/ppl I’ve come across. realized I actually have a pic that might help out here.

I’m in the TSG (XL as stated) and he’s got on a NO. def looks like there’s more chin room.


God dude. in this picture it really looks like the openings are very different.


I think we are wearing them slightly diff as well. If you look at how the low the NO is on OKP’s forehead compared to how the TSG sits higher on my dome.


My TSG sits up there…


Yes, but my gigantic head still doesn’t fit them well. 63cm here, was wearable but not comfortable.

Giro Switchblade errrday. Best full face for big heads imo.


If you are honestly looking at getting more protection get a proper motorcycle helmet.
I have a TSG Pass there is simply no comparison between it and my Bell MX-9 Adventure.


I’m not.
I don;t ride all that fast.

I am looking more for comfort. not looking to head into heavier helmet territory.


I’ve worn them both. TSG was really uncomfortable to me. My New Olders I would sleep in if my lady would let me.


Were you at the Paris cup?


I just missed it, but I hit up the French FB group prior to heading over for a extended work trip to find esk8er’s and Cedric was nice enough to lend me his exway for a cruise around the city.


got my new lid today.

quite surprised at how fast… only 28 days from order date(June 21)

it is still really snug when putting over my head…

cheek pads are tighter than the TSG.

but one of my main goals was to have more room directly in front of my mouth. and that is there.


Guess it didn’t go well?

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