New DIY onewheel kit

here is a video preview for the kit, lol, close up vids coming alone quickly


Sweet! How will availability be? Considering a kit but not until February and will you supply spare tires? I haven’t found any 5.5" tires around here (Sweden)

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Damn! Looking very good. Very good work!

Your website is down though

how much approximately? comes with or without a battery?

The only 5.5" tires I know about in the world are these two:


@Enginir what specific thermistor is in here? Is it 100K or 10K? NTC or PTC? What is the average Beta Value?

3 Likes is the new website by the way!


That road you shot on is beautiful! :heart_eyes: Where is that?


Sad wallet face

Hellow FM

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moved to, got new domain now


we have few dozen set of it in stock this time lol

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god it looks great, even sexier when put on fender


Amazing stuff ! It looks awesome
What will be the price for the whole kit ?
We just need to add the hub motor and it’s complete ?
Any info on shipping to Europe ?
And how long this sale is going to last on the website ?

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I have a few questions before I buy the whole kit.
If I order all 4 parts (Hub motor, DIY kit rail+Footpad, BalancePro Gold edition, 50.4v 222wh Battery Pack) is that everything I need?
How long (generally) will sea shipping take for the hub motor to the Netherlands?

Also, how much does it all weigh?

Weighs around 11.5kg, we gonna have to look it up for shipping to Netherlands, might take around 30days

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I think I answered myself with some more research.
But ordering all 4 things from the site, I still need the bumpers from the official pint?
Is this correct?

yep thats right

It’s not possible to order the aluminum kit without the 3d printed part on the website right now, it says out of stock