New Build, looking for some guidance

Hey hey, long time lurker, first time poster here.

I’ve been reading about building a mountain board for some time now and I think I’ve finally got enough of an idea about it to put together a list of parts I’ll be using to build the board.

I’ve been skateboarding, riding dirt bikes, and cycling for as long as I can remember. But mountain boards are a whole new world for me, let alone electric mountain boards. I have lots of experience working with electronics and batteries and all that, but please do let me know if I’ve missed something in my parts list.

For the motors, I’ll be using Turnigy SK8 6374 149kw motors. Two of them to be exact.


Turnigy SK8 6374-149KV Sensored Brushless Motor (14P)

HobbyKing has a large range of Turnigy SK8 Sensored Brushless Motors. They are designed with Electric Skateboard Conversions in mind but can be used for lots of applications.

Cost: $111 X 2= $222+Shipping?

For the trucks, motor mounts, wheels and tires, and hubs I’ll be using the DIYEBoard 11” offroad AllTerrain Truck Kit With 8” Pneumatic Tires.

Cost: $298.00+Shipping?

I’m also playing with the idea of using that same truck/wheel/mount kit, but also including the motors in the kit.

Cost: $369+Shipping?

This would negate the cost of the motors above, dropping the total build cost by $151. My problem here is that the motors are smaller at 6354 but higher KW rating at 180kw.

For the ESC, I’ll use the Flipsky Dual FSESC4.20 Plus with Remote.

278.0US $ |HOT SALES Screen Remote vs Dual FSESC4.20 Plus (Based on VESC )…

Smarter Shopping, Better Living!

Cost: $257

Price is cheaper direct from Flipsky, so I quoted that price instead.

For the battery, I’ll use these.

72.0US $ 40% OFF|48V 28Ah E bike battery pack 18650 13S 28000mAh li ion…

Smarter Shopping, Better Living!

Yes, I’m aware of not using batteries from untrusted vendors. I trust this vendor.

Cost: $92

For the deck, I’ll use this one I found on Ebay, saving the trucks and wheels for some other random project.


95X Mountainboard Skateboard Longboard 37x8inch Off Road Knobby Tires w/…

【INFLATABLE RUBBER TIRE】- 8" knobby tires with stripes have better grip performance and enough friction. Tires of this dirt board are made of premium rubber and it is inflatable. Perfect for both teens and adults.

Cost: $140

I’ve already got wires, connectors, tools, and a shop, so that’s all covered.

Price with using the Turnigy Sk8 Motors: $1,009 USD Price using the 6354 motors included in the truck kit: $856

I still have a month or two before I start building. So for now, I’ll start by buying the stuff that I know will take some time to ship to the US. The rest, I’ll start scouring the buy/sell pages on FB, here, and Reddit.

I want this build to be as cheap as possible, while still maintaining a decent level of durability and dependability. I’m open to all ideas and suggestions on how to make this better/cheaper in any way.


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It was pointed out to me on Reddit that the truck kit from DIYEBoards is the same as the one from Flipsky. The kit from Flipsky is cheaper and I was also looking at the motors they have to offer.

I forgot to mention before, but my plan is to remove/disable the built in BMS for that battery and use my own BMS to limit the power to the ESC (because the pack is 13S). Having said that, the plan to use my own BMS is the same, but I’m looking at the Flipsky Dual FSESC6.6 Plus instead, though it’s quite a bit more expensive.

Here are the updated parts I’m looking at, the deck and battery are the same as I posted above.





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Looking pretty solid. Especially for emtbs it’s very important to get a great deck and an even better enclosure. Some people are way better at that stuff than me but @rafaelinmissouri may be able to help a bit more. Don’t cheap out on a deck from ebay… you get what you pay for and that’s not a smart road to go down. Save up another week and get a really good deck that will last you way longer and get a water tight top mounted enclosure that will have zero chance of letting water or debris in. Scour the forums here for better options of these two, I don’t know too much about companies that do either because I don’t mtb myself, but im sure other people on here do.

Ha, and the deck was the one thing I thought I knew I could be reasonably cheap on. lol

I’d love to hear what others have to say.

Welcome! Great start to an intro emtb! Be really careful with aliexpress batteries. I know that’s an “awesome” deal but I found this forum because my shitty ass aliexpress li ion packs kept dying after a month or 2. It sucks to hear but I’d much rather see you buy nice than but twice. Check out some of the battery builders around here and see if you have a desired range / power level. 10s will likely be fine for you for a first board.

Are you going to go top mount battery for true off roading or undermount for a prettier setup?


Could just be a phrasing issue but what do you mean by “limit the power to the ESC”? A BMS doesn’t reduce the voltage or make a 13S battery work on a 10-12S capable ESC, and that flipsky ESC is not a good candidate to push beyond its voltage limits: much of its capabilities are already oversold by flipsky


Can’t speak for the quality of the battery, but some of reviews say it is not a 28ah battery. Other than that, it’s also an awkward size, unless it’s configurable? It’s 250mmx70x70, which would be awkward for a top mount or under. You would need a thiccccc boi enclosure for underneath.

I would tell you to definitely change the ESC, because I’ve had that and it’s broken on me twice, but most of the good ESCs on the market are sold out in that price range. Unless @ApexBoards still has Xenith on its site? Would definitely get that instead if shipping is affordable.

Also yes, save up for a decent deck if you can.


It doesn’t have to be crazy expensive like a Haero bro deck, all I an saying is a deck with mounts and wheels for under 100 dollars basically gaurentees your getting Chinese crap that will probably break after a few rides. Might be worth looking into other threads on here for more budget friendly mountainboard decks under the 150 dollar price range

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It’ll be top mount for proper off road capability.

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Pretty decent budget deck and it comes with trucks/tires. It’s $70 more, but you’re getting it from a reputable company.


Nooooo! That 20° tip is a killer for offroad unfortunately.

I made that mistake :cry:


Ahahaha, glad you know that because I’ve never tried MBS decks :sweat_smile:

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You can’t even get cells to build a battery that size for like 5 times the price they are selling those batteries for. The batteries will be mostly full of sand, can guarantee it. If there is one thing you don’t wanna cheap out on, it’s batteries.

Also, 13s will pop those flipsky controllers in a heartbeat.


Lol what are the cells full of sand?
They have voltage?

What is going on here

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A lot of china sellers use fake cells full of sand to fill up battery packs to make them appear bigger than they really are.

Say the above pack is 13s10p. There is likely 13s2p actual cells, and 13s8p sand cells.


That looks good, but I noticed in the specs it says it has 20° tips. Someone @venom121212 mentioned that’s no good for offroad. Can you expand on that? Couldn’t you just use angled risers?

Oops, realized Venom was referring to this that deck when they were saying that… It’s late here lol

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It says the config is a 13s3p :rofl: Give me the 9.3Ah cells!!!

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A lot of people on the forums here aren’t a fan of angled risers. Especially if you need close to 10° of angle for most mobile trucks to fit. The reason your going to have problems is most MTB trucks need at or near 30° angled surfaces to turn well. So the 20° angle will not work as it’s too small. That means you need risers or to go eith different trucks, the easier way would be different trucks… the problem is you need to find different trucks that will work that have 12mm axles or you need to find odd sized bearings and go with 8mm axles. Trampa has some good options for mtb axles with their titanium axles. That’s the first option I would look into. Otherwise it’s gonna become really complicated and honestly it’s just worth looking into different decks lol

Edit: just saw your response, hope that helps anyways


Okay, thanks for clarifying.

BTW, where is the edit option for comments? lol