Neo Singularity

Hello friends. My engineer and I have been work on special project. Is for DIY friend and is pcb which have ESC, BMS and battery contain so can easy make your board.

ESC is using special chip from Texas Instrument and run their Instaspin for motor controlling. This is same as mellow use. This meaning automatic motor configure no need to setup.

Battery and bms also integrate on same pcb so no need wire. Friend say 12s4p most popular battery so maybe do this. Is can offering different size.

Can use Bluetooth to control bms and esc from phone for making change and adjusting.

We also measure evolve board for carbon and can replace all inside with this to make better.

We working on this and hoping testing starting in few month.

Is something friend interest in?


What happens is just one part (let’s just say the bms for example) fails? Do you then need to replace the battery, bms and esc?

Is easy fix changing fail components. My engineer and I working with electric car. We make many system for this with lot experiences. We making for very reliable. Pcb have coating for water protection


How does the easy fix work?

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We not using vesc design which is many complication not need. We using very tested Texas instrument system which design to work together. Is very reliable.

Pcb not need many many component. Can be made simpler so easier fix problem.

We also not pre ordering. Once making friend buy and ship.


But if there is a problem would the user be able to fix it themself without any fancy soldering/reflow/smc tools? Or would the user need to send it back to you for repair?

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Aren’t the instaspin MCUs like $13 each in single quantity and have limited MCU resources?

INStaspin is software. Mcu having option to use.

Instaspin is only available on a limited set of TI’s piccolo MCUs, all of which are either very expensive or have limited MCU resources. I am just wondering as this will either restrict the ESC’s functionality, or raise the total cost of the system to undesirable levels.


We have working with Ti and can offer good price. We plan make good quantity for price.

Only need mcu for two motor, so is ok.

Instaspin have many better than vesc and more efficient. Can also dynamic field weakening.

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So to start, I just want to say I like what you’re doing and how you’re working with the esk8 community.
My personal opinion on this product is that unless it operates astoundingly well, and is priced very competitively, it will like not be used by the DIY community. It ability for evolve users to swap it in may be your main selling point.

If you’re taking recommendations, I wouldn’t attach the VESC to the main PCB in such a way that it cannot be easily swapped out. Maybe if it was a secondary PCB that attaches to the primary PCB of the battery PCB, they it would allow for easier replacement and would still occupy a similar footprint. I would advise the same for the BMS, only to allow you to be more user friendly and allow your parts to be more easily integrated into the esk8 community


We look at option for making modular. Can put esc into pcb with riser. Our goal is only making this best can be so everyone can have car quality riding. Will have integrated safety so can braking on fully charge and bms can adjust all setting in software

Is meaning friend who building board can make highest quality and safest.


If you can produce these at a price that makes it attractive then I could see adoption for some boards, maybe small light cruisers for example


@Lee_Wright How about ESC only? Is interest in vesc alternative?

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Alternatives always good. Just please don’t match the remote to the vesc like hobbywing escs do. It’s better to be able to choose which ever remote you want and feel comfortable with.


We making open remote so anyone can design one. Is run on Ti BLE chip. Or can use basic pwm control.

We even thinking of making api so anyone can be building extra for this.


I can’t help but think that this is basically what all commercial pre built boards do already but on different scales.
What you are proposing is a complete electronics package that is fully integrated to make building a board simpler. This while being a lovely concept is not really what building is all about. Building a board is about knowing every component that went into it and being able to change/replace said component in the event of an upgrade or failure. What your proposal is in effect is a replaceable package that when it fails will have to be replaced or repaired reliant on the manufacturer.

We already have these options and these bespoke companies.

I’m afraid you are trying to reinvent the wheel.

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Is still knowing component for build. Making for less error or problem when build. Is also safety. Don’t wanting fire or problem from making battery bad.

It make easy to understanding also for repair so less problem for everyone. We make very simple anyone can repairing. No need send to us. Still can customising like DYi people liking.


Then that could be something that people may or may not like but at this juncture it is speculation. Lets see what you have in mind before too many more comments because as I said its an interesting concept. Its practicality within the community is yet to be seen.