Neo Singularity

When we making further i send to friends for testing. We no do ordering until is good and test by all friend and happy.

Wanting asking feedback see if friends here like idea.


But why is the unity so popular? isn’t that an almost all-in-one package?

That is an esc. It basically combines 3 elements into one but essentially it is still just an esc.

As I said no more comments on this till we see some real world stuff. Speculation is just that.

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Instaspin is a much better algorithm than what the VESC implements, at least, on paper.

Considering the hardware limitations of the MCUs that can inplement it, it is also most likely better written software as well since TI is able to dedicate much more resources to its development.

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IMO if someone made a unity with integrated 12s diebms that would be a game changer.

I have been into race drones for a few years now and over that time there has been great change in the way these are built. You used to have 4 esc’s, flight controller, reciever, video transmitter and osd.

Crashes often damaged ESC so when 4in1 ESC was released people said " this will never work, what happens when 1 ESC breaks". Over time esc’s became more reliable. Now they almost never break and most builders use 4in1 ESC’s. the company’s that started developing these early now dominate the market.

More recently company’s started offering all in one flight controllers that also include osd, video transmitter and all required regulators. Same concerns about failures were raised by the community. Nearly all modern DIY builds now use these integrated systems. Some have even gone as far as integrating the esc’s into the FC for an all in one package. They perform great.

I think Esk8 is following the same path. Everyone questioned the repairability of the unity but I’ve yet to see a case of just one half fail and the whole thing needed to be replaced. Same with the flipsky and other dual ESC.

The truth is that more integrated systems make builds easier and reduce the chance of user error. Additionally less wiring and connectors means less points of failure. There will always be power users where this doesn’t fit their requirements but for everyone else a reliable integrated system makes the hobby far more accessable.

ESC and BMS actually make lots of sense to be integrated as they can share heatsync. BMS only uses it whilst charging and ESC only uses it whilst running. Additionally a well designed system would allow ESC to monitor individual cell voltages and perform soft power restriction in battery fault cases rather than just throwing you of like no bypassed BMS would.


Give me like, two years :P.


This is what plan is. We want make very reliable system. Team have many year experience with hardware product for car industry, we want bring this to product for DIY.


We already know this and we use BLE MCU chip to offload some process for BMS and other functions. Is mean can be very effiency and offer good feature.

very curious what you come up with, will be watching with great interest!

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If you make an integrated thing that’s

  • inexpensive
  • reliable
  • easy to configure (not too many options)
  • performant (about 40 amps per side, matching 4p of samsung 30Q)
  • compatible (motors, remote input)
  • small

I think it’ll sell quite well lol. It sounds like a miracle.

Integrating the battery pcb will remove many variables that can blow up builds.

Some kind of frequency hopping spread spectrum is needed IMO. Maybe borrow frsky’s radio protocol?


This already implement. Is part of bt. Radio programming use classic bt so can hop and prevent interfere


Yeah I’m watching this one closely :eyes:

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Thank you :pray:

We making many custom part and help car company with some designing and making. We working with electric car in China.

We seeing this to make good for everyone and can offer low costing high quality that mean everyone can easily making.

Thank you for trust and welcome.


I have been in contact with Jeff. He’s very knowledgeable and thrive for automotive grade quality. Neo would definitely be a great addition to the scene with many great products in development.

The singularity is going to be a great product to hit the market. I’ve been waiting for a smart BMS but DieBMS is too big and expensive, FlexiBMS Lite is still in development, the other Chinese BT BMS is a good option but haven’t try it out. In my opinion though I like modularity because ppl are dumb and break things too often.

@topcloud we will figure out what to do with Neo Short deck. Can’t wait to see it in person. Pictures already tells me it’s great quality.


@jeffwuneo will you also sell just the esc and bms on a single bms without the battery? If yes I’m really looking forward to this! Also is the esc going to be programmable?

@M.Hboards we not selling battery. You still need make cell into pcb. All can customise bms esc by phone no need pc


But will you sell it without the battery pcb part so we can use batteries that are of different “p” counts?

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It all make part of one pcb. But can offering different size battery option.


Looking forward to see what you come out with!

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