Need VESC Tool for firmware version 3.103

I have a VESC with fw version 3.103 and I don’t really want to bother flashing any new firmware to it. Does anyone have the tool compatible with version 3.103? Can’t seem to find it anywhere. Thanks

Have you tried

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3.103 is ackmaniac.


Oh snap… good on ya. My bad.

Only had the latest version tool from what I saw

What is ackmaniac?

the genius behind the fork of the vesc tool firmware you are looking for.

Ackmaniac 3.103 is a forked version of VESC that is extremely stable and well-tested and I would use it more for mission-critical needs.

If your machine isn’t going to connect to a lot of peripherals and fancy doodads, and doesn’t need HFI, then it’s a good firmware to use.


Nope, just need something to connect the remote, batttery, ESC, and motor together. It didn’t ask me to update any firmware so it looks like it’s good?

Just use the tool for 3.103 then and you will be fine.

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